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Transmission Solutions

Full Lifecycle Experience Leads to Trusted Results

Amidst new complexities and changing needs, count on Black & Veatch to deliver transmission projects on time, on budget, and up to your community’s reliability, and compliance requirements.

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Transmission Experience


to design uncased HDD for
power cable to exceed 4,500 feet

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Any Project, Any Size, Any Phase of the Lifecycle

In addition to maintaining an aging grid, utilities are facing new challenges as today’s energy landscape is evolving. Changing generation sources and new renewables integration, in addition to shifting load centers and distributed energy resources (DER), are requiring new transmission paths. Environmental and right-of-way (ROW) challenges have utilities looking to maximize existing infrastructure.

Black & Veatch provides innovative and cost- effective solutions to these complex challenges. We offer any combination of engineering, procurement, and construction, as well as supporting services and program management. Our broad experience and proven history provide efficient planning, routing, design, and construction solutions to minimize environmental impact, ensure reliability, and meet your stringent cost and schedule requirements.

Explore our Overhead Transmission Capabillities

Whether our clients need to upgrade aging infrastructure or manage changing technology, Black & Veatch is the go-to overhead transmission advisor. We offer complete lifecycle services that go beyond engineering, providing value for any overhead transmission application including:

  • New or rebuild lines on new or existing ROW

  • Upgrade or rerate of existing lines

  • Communication line installation

  • Structure & foundation analysis

  • NERC Alert assessment & remediation

  • Program management

  • Detailed Design
  • Structural Analysis & Remediation
  • NERC Alert Assessment & Remediation
  • OPGW/ADSS Install
  • Electrical Studies
  • Supplier Factory Visits

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We enable the delivery of safe and reliable power through effective planning, design, procurement, construction and management of global infrastructure.

As complex environmental regulations present some of the biggest challenges to project success and implementation of sustainable solutions, greater levels of innovation and collaboration are required to support the needs of an increasingly mobile, urban and affluent world. Whether it’s driving the decarbonization of industries and supply chains on a global scale, to alleviating flood risks, improving air quality and remediating hazardous waste, we deliver the outcomes you need.

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Black & Veatch has been innovating literally since our earliest days building America’s heartlands and infrastructure throughout the world.  Every project we undertake harnesses the latest advances in materials, project management and sustainability to bring our clients the best quality, efficiency and safety -- the things that matter most when it counts, where it counts.

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Black & Veatch is a certified consultant and provider for AEP's patented breakthrough BOLD overhead line design. Our consultancy extends past the United States into India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, and we are the exclusive design consultant of this technology in Asia.

BOLD® Benefits


  • Dynamic Line Ratings
  • UAS
Construction workers unspooling underground transmission cable

A Growing Need for Underground Transmission

As the requirements for moving power into congested areas and integrating renewable energy sources increase the need to work with densely populated areas, environmental resources, and public impacts are driving an increased need for underground transmission.

Partner with Black & Veatch to expertly balance the costs, aesthetics, and environmental concerns of your underground transmission project. As an industry pioneer with 55+ years of underground transmission experience, we support you with cutting-edge technologies, deep manufacturer relationships, and broad expertise to safely deliver your projects on time and on budget

Underground Transmission Capabilities

Shared or Public Right of Way Installation

Undergrounding Overhead Lines

Submarine/Underwater Cables

Trenchless Installations

Bridge Attachments

Pipe-Type Conversion to XLPE

Retrofits & Upgrades

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