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Data Centers, Mission Critical and Technology Manufacturing Facilities

Site Due Diligence and Environmental Assessments

Black & Veatch provides strategic, upfront investigation and planning for data centers.

Site Due Diligence and Environmental Assessments

We use our expertise in power, renewables, energy storage, water, and telecom to accurately assess greenfield and brownfield sites (and adjacent properties) to help clients make informed decisions and minimize risk. Our solutions also include assessments of existing conditions and structures, land survey and title reviews, topographic and boundary surveys, geotechnical reviews, site grading and flood risk reviews, environmental and cultural assessments, infrastructure assessments and planning, and security evaluations.

  • Greenfield and brownfield site assessment
  • Adjacent properties risk evaluation
  • Onsite assessment of existing conditions and structures
  • Land survey and title review
  • Topographic and boundary survey
  • Geotechnical review
  • Site grading, drainage, flood risk review
  • Environmental and cultural assessments
  • Security
  • Power, water, and fiber infrastructure assessment and planning

Powering data centers and manufacturing facilities

Power availability is the critical yet often invisible determining factor in viability of data centers and technology manufacturing facilities. With challenges to accessibility and affordability of energy, building on-site substations gives our clients more control, flexibility, and resiliency. Black & Veatch deploys both physical and digital infrastructure for air-insulated substations, gas-insulated substations, substation upgrades and automation.

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