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The Evolving Grid Requires Utility Communications

Utility Communications are also evolving. Partner with Black & Veatch to get the most out of your next-generation grid infrastructure with the appropriate communications technologies.


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Design, Deploy, & Operate Your Private Network

Utilities are realizing it is necessary to upgrade their legacy communications infrastructure to meet evolving utility goals. Black & Veatch is laying the foundation for smarter, more competitive utilities with a full suite of utility grid communications services. Our expertise reaches across all types of technologies including 5G, wireless, fiber, and private to leased networks. Our design and deployment services range from planning and implementing your communications infrastructure to upgrading your IT and OT networks to designing full-scale smart grid deployments.

Partner with us to:
  • Design and deploy next-generation Field Area Network (FAN)
  • Manage your future network
  • Leverage your AMI network
  • Take advantage of 5G opportunities
  • Find spectrum to meet wireless network needs

Optimize communication technologies across the grid today with Black & Veatch.

Supporting Utility Communications Projects at Every Step

The blueprint identifies the optimum architecture, networks, and technologies.

The roadmap lays out a practical, phased approach to build the future network from the current starting point.

  1. Current State: A clear and detailed view of existing IT/OT networks across the enterprise and the grid
  2. Future State: Alignment of business and economic drivers with the appropriate combination of technology and industry best practices to define optimal requirements
  3. Gap Analysis: Clear view of what’s missing and what’s needed
  4. Solutions Analysis: High-level architectural and conceptual solutions to resolve identified gaps
  5. Roadmap: Strategic and tactical implementation options – how to get there from here
  • Technology solutions
  • Private vs leased options
  • Financial justifications
  • Technical justifications
  • Conceptual designs
  • Rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimates
  1. Technology assessment: Detailed review of the technology in the market.
  2. Architectural design: A high-level architectural design of the telecom network and technology recommendations.
  3. RFI and RFP processes: Development and management of RFI and RFP vendor evaluations and short lists.
  4. Proof of concept testing: create Method of Procedure, product testing, and final selection.
  • Specific IT/OT network solutions
  • Vendor and product selections
  • Detailed network designs
  • Site specific convergence and migration plans
  • Staffing and organizational plans
  1. Implementation / construction buildout
  2. Detailed timeline and coordination / PMO for each site-specific
  3. Buildout with timelines and actions
  • Detailed, site-specific methods of procedure with timelines and actions for buildout and commissioning, supporting a final operational network
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Smart Utility eBook

Industry Benchmarks for Progress and Future Actions

To understand U.S. utility grid modernization progress and obstacles, Black & Veatch conducted surveys in 2020 and 2021 and researched industry trends and data points to form a comprehensive snapshot. In an era of ever - increasing risks and investment in rapidly changing technologies, this eBook benchmarks utility progress and provides signposts to guide future actions in Distribution Modernization, Cybersecurity, Asset Management, and Resilience.

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