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Prioritizing Climate Resilience: Mitigating Risk for Three Global Sectors
Climate resilience is fast becoming one of the most important strategies to mitigate business risk. Yet, many large organizations still are in the early stages of establishing their climate resilience priorities. In August 2021, Utility Dive/Black & Veatch surveyed top executives and professionals from large companies on their company’s climate resilience strategy in three key industries.
2022 Asia Electric Report
Backed by surveys of the electric industry and large electric users in Asia, the Black & Veatch 2022 Asia Electric Report reveals the single biggest challenge the industry is facing: integrating renewable energy to maintain a resilient and reliable grid.
From Smokestack to Fish Snack: Black & Veatch Helps Design Facility to Transform CO2 Emissions into Alternative Protein Ingredients
NovoNutrients teaser Image

Over 36 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide are emitted each year, impacting climate change and altering global temperatures and weather patterns.  NovoNutrients is transforming carbon dioxide emissions into alternative protein ingredients. It’s a rags-to-riches story for the eco-friendly age: unsustainable carbon emissions transformed into versatile, complex nourishment for the beings it once threatened. The proof is in the well-fed zebrafish floating around a vat in the NovoNutrients’ lab.

Data Center Design Brochure

Black & Veatch designs efficient, scalable and resilient data centers. With our integrated and comprehensive suite of services, we provide customized design solutions that optimize the lifetime of your assets and ensures reliable and efficient operation.

Sustainable Infrastructure: So Much More Than Renewable Energy
Together, we have the opportunity to envisage, plan, design and construct sustainable infrastructure that meets economic, environmental and community needs. By coaching sustainability mindsets and capabilities, and integrating sustainable actions and behaviors, the infrastructure we deliver today can have a more meaningful and measured impact in our lives and in the well-being and preservation of our communities.
Wind Services Brochure

The ever-increasing demand for renewable energy presents new challenges for power producers. From the variable nature of the generation to the distributed nature of the assets, wind energy projects have a unique set of factors to consider.

5 Questions to Advance Meaningful Climate Action

Sustainability matters. Increasingly employees are seeking out and working for organizations that align with sustainability-focused values and demonstrate strong progress against environmental and social commitments.

Data Center Site Due Diligence Services Brochure

As a trusted leader in critical infrastructure development and environmental services, Black & Veatch is the ideal partner to ensure you select the right data center location based on your business case objectives while staying on budget, on schedule and avoiding risk.

2021 Canary Media Megatrends: Electrification and Decarbonization Report
This report will delve into the potential impacts and opportunities of electrification and decarbonization megatrends. We do so with the understanding that many questions about the optimal strategies, policies, and technologies to achieve sustainability goals are not immediately answerable.
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: Accessing Grid Resiliency Funding
The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), includes, among other targeted programs, $65 billion in funding for energy related programs to support investment in electric grid resiliency. Utilities and independent developers of power transmission projects will be able to access significant funding streams by proactively evaluating and positioning existing and greenfield projects to maximize effective use of IIJA funding across nine grid investment programs.
Data Center Assessment and CFD Analysis for Leading Financial Institution
Data Center Assessment Leading Financial Institution teaser image

When our financial services client was upgrading and adding more data center equipment to their facilities, the company convinced themselves they were running out of power and were set on colocation as the answer.  To confirm their decision, they turned to us, their data center engineer, to assess multiple data centers. 

Fast-Moving Smart City Solutions
Fast-Moving Smart City Solutions teaser image

Guided by their smart city plan, City of West Hollywood (WeHo), California, began to implement projects that would help them become a City of the Future. But like many communities, WeHo was busy and needed support in the form of technical expertise to integrate multiple smart city technologies into the built environment. This could have stalled their progress, but WeHo proactively established a procurement pathway that gave them access to a bench of technical experts before they launched their smart city projects.

Clean Ambition: Nuclear Energy and Decarbonization eBook
While wind, solar and hydropower occupy critical space in our renewable energy portfolio, the limitations of each will likely prevent them — at least in the near term — from playing more than a supporting role in establishing our independence from fossil fuels. To accelerate our arrival at a true net-zero carbon future, we’ll need to rely on the only large-scale, zero emission generation technology currently available: nuclear.
Accelerate the Edge Brochure

The edge market is poised for major growth. To deliver the ubiquitous data experience expected from 5G’s low latency networks and the IoT, more edge data centers are needed. The companies who can deliver the edge first will forge ahead to shape and lead their industries. It’s time to move. 

Are Plant-Based Proteins Better Suited for Refrigeration or Freezing?
There are several obstacles companies need to overcome as plant-based proteins continue to capture market share. Reaching price party with animal proteins on a cost-per-pound basis will be important for cost-conscious consumers. Other key barriers to overcome for widescale consumer acceptance include the taste, texture, color, and nutritional profile of plant-based proteins. Enter the cold supply chain.

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