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Asset Management Talks - Information Solutions
The Information Solutions session will discuss challenges utilities are facing, such as data collection, IT strategic planning and system integrations, optimizing CMMS/EAMS systems and dashboarding options and functionality.
Seeing Equals Listening: Celebrating Black Professionals
In honor of Juneteenth, this ebook recognizes and celebrates some of our Black professionals who are helping us build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. We’re grateful for the opportunity to share these thoughts and stories, and we hope they serve as a springboard to helping us all find meaningful ways to take a stand against racism and injustice, whatever form they may take.
Staying Ahead of Mother Nature in your Design Basis

A shifting climate has created increased concerns for utilities and power infrastructure: hundred-year storms are now commonplace, Texas has experienced a record freeze, and hurricanes are becoming more destructive.

Turbina de Combustión

Black & Veatch es su recurso confiable para todas las soluciones de turbinas de combustión. Nuestra experiencia le brinda: flexibilidad tecnológica, claridad para tomar decisiones oportunas y una ejecución fluida y confiable.

Roundtable: Uncovering Mining Innovation Within the Americas

Innovation is more vital than ever in the Americas as we look to evolve beyond our past experiences and technologies. Join our panel discussion as we uncover the future of mining innovation in the Americas and how companies will need to get more innovative to drive change.

CityAge Webinar

On June 1st, CityAge along with Black & Veatch and PatriotOne Technologies launched the fourth episode of The Big Spend Series, CityAge: Las Vegas.

What Role Will Gas Play as the Northeast Moves Towards Alternative Energy Sources?
- Spotlighting the vital role gas plays in system reliability/resilience and how it can complement the clean energy transition. - How might Biden’s new administration help/hinder the role of gas in clean energy?​ - How does the system remain reliable amid decarbonization? ​ - Pipeline constraints—Finding solutions to an on-going issue​. - LNG to the rescue? How trucking LNG into the Northeast may provide an alternative to pipeline constraints​. ​​​​​​​- Could incentivizing generators to contract more LNG in the winter be an option?
Southeast Asia’s Energy Transition: Investment and Growth Opportunity
Southeast Asia is pushing ahead with energy transition strategies that balance security, sustainability and affordability goals. The Philippines has conducted the opening of Applications for the 3rd Open and Competitive Selection Process (OCSP3) which now allows for 100 percent foreign participation in large-scale geothermal exploration, development, and utilization projects. 
Cultured Meat and Future Food Podcast: New Culture

Cultured Meat and Future Food is a short-form podcast series discussing the role of plant based food, cultivated meat and food technology. The show is focused on asking industry leaders questions for an audience with a non-scientific background.

Building a Modern DMS with Centralized Volt/Var Optimization and Control
A model-based VVC/VVO application considers outages and system reconfiguration and can therefore provide performance benefits over manual or heuristic control of devices. The key to success of VVC/VVO implementation is to utilize a dynamic model so the VVO application is dealing with the “as-operated” network state. In this session, you will learn how one utility replaced its in-house built distributed capacitor control system with an integrated volt-var control system (IVVC) built on a modern, centralized distribution management system (DMS) platform. Successes and challenges with this type of implementation along with the operational benefits and lessons learned from building and operating a centralized IVVC system will also be presented.
Hydrogen 2021: A Roadmap to Net Zero
Technology is at the leading edge of the energy transition to Net Zero. As a result, a decarbonization strategic roadmap that lacks a detailed technology core will be insufficient. The most complete strategic decarbonization roadmaps — and thus those most likely to deliver — will intermesh business goals with high quality, accurate market and regulatory analysis; and first-hand expertise in decarbonization technology solutions in the power generation, power transmission, fuel and chemicals and transportation sectors.
Preparing for storm season with IT readiness testing
Utilities are facing increasing pressures from consumers, regulatory agencies and local governments to manage better the storm outages and restoration efforts. One of the common shortcomings of storm response is failure of IT and/or OT systems – SCADA, OMS, AMI, Mobile Dispatch, Communication systems, Networks, etc. – and related business processes when high volume of events occur.
Smart Transportation: Essential Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems
The rise of digitization and smart technologies such as advanced driver-assistance systems, smart sensors and other Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are transforming the world of transportation as we know it. Black & Veatch’s Smart Transportation: Essential Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems eBook looks at how transportation authorities are actively collaborating with stakeholders to build the advanced digital communication networks necessary to support ITS and increase the capacity, safety and flexibility of existing and future transportation assets.

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