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Electric Island: Providing the Pathway to Carbon-Free Trucking
Electric Island Teaser Image
In a sector accelerating toward decarbonization for the long haul, Electric Island, located near Daimler Trucks North America’s (DTNA) headquarters in Portland, Oregon, showcases how to power electric vans, trucks and buses today, and will also serve as grounds for innovation and testing.
EV Charging for Commercial Parking Brochure

Consumer demand and government policies are driving an ever-increasing influx of electric vehicles. In addition, city and state government ordinances can require on-site electric vehicle charging stations at businesses and in parking facilities.

Fleet Decarbonization Brochure

As organizations begin decarbonizing their fleets, proper planning is critical. The transition requires specialized design, engineering, infrastructure and management that integrates power delivery and telecommunications into a seamless, efficient system.

Accelerate Climate Action
Industry emissions and the simple acts of living every day is heating our world. Climate change is scientific fact. It’s a tangible part of our existence that no longer is focused thousands of miles away as ice sheets break off glaciers in the Artic or retreat from distant mountains. The consequences of our polluting actions have arrived at our doorsteps.
Global Transmission Testing & Commissioning Brochure

Black & Veatch has over 50 years of collective experience testing and commissioning systems and equipment in high reliability, high performance, and in some cases “live” environments​. We have now expanded into the transmission market with self perform service capabilities.

Retiring or Repurposing Asia’s Coal Plants: Why Owners Must Plan and Act Now
Governments and utility operators across Asia are challenged with balancing pressures to decarbonize while continuing to meet growing electricity demand with affordable power. Owners must begin planning now for retirement, repurposing with affordable and alternative generation, or further diversification of their business portfolios.
Fleet Decarbonization: Future States Webinar
Fleet and facility power could also be connected to the grid and sold to create additional revenue streams. Join BV’s industry-leading transportation experts for an introduction to future states.
Avoid Risk: 4 Ways to Prepare Data Centers for Rising Rack Density
Today’s digital world and its promises of on-demand access and information in real-time are revolutionizing how companies conduct business and serve their customers. It’s what’s driving organizations to pack in more computing power into their data centers to deliver the expected customer experience and evolve with real time data analytics and automation. As rack density and heat output climb, so can utility costs and the labor required to maintain multiple cooling systems associated with higher-density systems. However, there are corrective actions companies can take to offset additional costs and maintenance before adding more cooling equipment.
Cultured Meat and Future Food Podcast: MeaTech
This episode features Simon Fried, head of business at MeaTech. Simon grew up around restaurants, has business experience including food retail, FMCG, distilleries and 3D printing. Combined with his academic background in risk, behavioral economics, and behavior change, he’s excited to be playing a part in the cultivated meat mission.
City of West Hollywood Case Study

Guided by their smart city plan, City of West Hollywood (WeHo), California, began to implement projects that would help them become a City of the Future.

Bringing Automated Intelligence and Integrated Controls to Microgrids and Distributed Energy Webinar
Many sectors such as financial services, military, and universities are seeking microgrids for energy resiliency, emissions control, and energy cost savings. Black & Veatch is working with a number of clients in these, and other sectors, to address their critical business needs, while also adopting advanced technologies, including AI and advanced controls. This session will focus on the development and aims of selected DER projects, as a number of technology components continue to follow cost reduction curves and achieve more advanced functionality.
Communications to Support ITS Technologies Today and Tomorrow

A recent survey showed that 65% of freeway authorities, 54% of arterial authorities, and 49% of transit authorities are actively planning or deploying ITS technologies, most centered on signal-based applications, such as Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption or Intelligent Traffic Signa

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