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Moving Asset Management into a Strategic Business Approach
Asset-intensive sectors, such as utilities, are seeking solutions to a number of interdependent and convergent challenges. These include increasing stakeholder and customer service expectations; ageing infrastructure; resilience of critical asset systems; and sustainability of capital funding.
Four Key Developments Needed to Boost Global Biomass Industry
The growth of state renewable portfolio standards (RPS) in the United States and constantly changing oil prices worldwide in the past decade created significant interest and activity in biomass and other forms of renewable energy development. As the biomass industry progressed in recent years, however, four critical issues have emerged that need to be addressed.
Improving EPC Power Project Work in Asia
For any owner, developer or financier of major power infrastructure projects, better early planning leads to greater cost, schedule and execution certainty. This has been proven in multiple case studies of recent EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) projects in Southeast Asia.  
Gasification: The New Rising Star in Waste-to-Energy
The waste-to-energy market has long been associated with incineration and, more recently, the process of anaerobic digestion. However, when it comes to turning waste into electricity, there is a new kid on the block: gasification.
Water and Wastewater: Addressing Funding Challenges
As water and wastewater utilities are challenged to minimize rate increases while balancing limited budgets – complicated by deferred maintenance, chronic underinvestment and compliance mandates – one solution to consider is the public-private partnership (PPP) model.
This Technology Puts More Power in the Hands of Self-Generators
Data is power. And once operators of commercial and industrial properties have the technology to track their daily use of electricity—down to the minute—they’re going to use the literal form of power only when they need it. For electric utilities, that spells less revenue. Even less when those customers start to, or increase, generation of their own power.
Private Wireless Networks: Catalysts for Grid Modernization
The electric grid is undergoing the most significant transformation in its history, with digital technologies and devices being pushed to the edge to support dynamic, two-way power requirements in real-time while also ensuring reliability, efficiency and security.
Market Strives to Deliver Over Pipeline Challenges
As if the persistent low-price environment wasn’t enough, rampant natural gas production in the Appalachian and Permian Basins is ramping up concern that pipeline take-away capacity can’t keep up.

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