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End-to-End Battery Energy Storage Services Brochure

Black & Veatch is at the forefront of the rapidly evolving energy storage market. Our services span the project’s complete life cycle, from planning and development to installation and grid integration.

Using Site-Specific Metocean Data Means More Accurate LCoE Forecasting for Offshore Wind Projects
By affecting the ability to undertake both planned maintenance and reactive repairs, metocean conditions, such as wave, current and wind characteristics, have a significant impact on the effective operation and maintenance (O&M) of fixed and floating offshore wind assets. Unless site-specific metocean data has been incorporated in a project’s early development, it is possible that the built assets may not be able to consistently achieve the performance forecast – because the ability of metocean conditions to hamper O&M activities has not been accounted for in sufficient detail.
2021 Corporate Sustainability Goal Setting and Measurement Report
Companies across all sectors are placing increased focus on sustainability as a tenet of their business practices. This shift illustrates a new way of thinking, where organizations take into consideration how they operate in the environmental, social and economic environment, and how these areas can be leveraged to create long-term value.
Asset Management Talks - Information Solutions
The Information Solutions session will discuss challenges utilities are facing, such as data collection, IT strategic planning and system integrations, optimizing CMMS/EAMS systems and dashboarding options and functionality.
Southeast Asia’s Energy Transition: Investment and Growth Opportunity
Southeast Asia is pushing ahead with energy transition strategies that balance security, sustainability and affordability goals. The Philippines has conducted the opening of Applications for the 3rd Open and Competitive Selection Process (OCSP3) which now allows for 100 percent foreign participation in large-scale geothermal exploration, development, and utilization projects. 
Improving Long-Term Wind Fleet Performance
As existing wind fleets age, performance and economics begin to decline. Assessing the remaining life and leveraging measures like life extension, repowering and optimization upgrades can result in increased and more efficient production, ensuring you maximize operating assets before it comes time to decommission. This panel of wind experts reviews considerations and benefits for full and partial repower, life extension and performance optimization projects and then discusses questions from the audience for an interactive and informative discussion.
Turning Data into Action

Leveraging smart infrastructure to enable data-driven utility operations has long been a work in progress, and advancement has been uneven.

Monitoring & Diagnostics Service Delivers Convenience, Assurance, and Quality for Industrial and Utility Assets
This webinar offers an overview of the people, processes, and tools our Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D) service provides to more than 160 facilities across a wide variety of plant types and industries throughout the world. And, reviews three key examples where our team identified issues when they were small, then provided the right information to the right people at the right time so they were dealt with before plant operations could be significantly impacted.
Achieving Operational Readiness & Compliance for Today’s Pipeline Management eBook
The essential theme in the discussion of SCADA operational readiness and Control Room Management design is the complexity of requirements to meet all stakeholder needs. Putting these requirements in perspective and including all stakeholders’ needs will shorten and improve the SCADA-CRM design phase and ensure compliance and operational requirements are met.
Prioritizing Data to Improve Asset Risk Mitigation
The adage that experience is the best teacher is certainly true when it pertains to asset management and the need for risk mitigation. Unfortunately, in the case of utilities, learning from experience can be the result of one or more catastrophic failures that put people and property in jeopardy and interrupt normal service to customers.
Decarbonization Roadmapping Brochure

Decarbonization is this generation’s moonshot. Sustainability-focused leaders across industries are taking important steps now to manage their direct and supply chain emissions.

Delivering Financial and Operational Resilience With a Holistic Stormwater Management Framework
When it comes to stormwater management, many competing forces, such as regulatory permit compliance, stormwater drainage infrastructure management, flooding mitigation, community needs, green infrastructure and environmental stewardship, pose challenges for utilities. The confluence of these challenges exerts pressure not only on funding capacity, but also on a city or municipality’s strategic mission, program planning, policies and overall organizational capacity.

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