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Farmer-to-Everything Connections for the Future
As high-tech city concepts gain momentum, like Las Vegas’ Bleutech Park, they become a beacon of our transforming world, a shining example of sustainable, smart living. But urban areas aren’t the only fertile grounds for data-driven initiatives. Like U.S. tech giants and entrepreneurs, farmers are futurists by nature—they plan for the next growing season, predict frost and storms, and forecast market sell targets.
Microtrenching Enables Long-Distance Fiber Installation
Smarter transportation is just around the corner, as the introduction of smarter, more connected transportation systems promise new levels of safety, efficiency and mobility. With the ability to combine digital and physical infrastructure – and empower today’s roadways with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies – tomorrow’s roadways will push beyond the limits of what was once thought possible to become true platforms of innovation.
Mining’s Advancement Towards a Clean Energy Future
The momentum of many industries advancing towards net-carbon neutrality is unstoppable. The focus on clean energy technologies today is led by the global drive for decarbonization, underpinned by the UN Paris Climate Agreement, where 189 countries committed to limit global warming to 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels through economic and social adaptation.
Programme manager support ensures execution certainty
348 MW short-term operating reserve (STOR) assets

Black & Veatch served as programme manager across ten UK sites to create a 348-MW portfolio of short-term operating reserve (STOR) generation assets. STOR assets are a critical to the UK power network; rapidly dispatching power when demand is greater, or generation capacity less, than forecast by the National Grid Electricity System Operator.

Owner’s engineer team ensures execution certainty
160 MW Short-term operating reserve (STOR) assets

Short-term operating reserve (STOR) assets are a critical part of the UK power network; swiftly dispatching extra power when demand is greater than forecast, or generation capacity less than anticipated.

Global resource brings execution certainty
Spalding open-cycle gas turbine

Intergen’s highly flexible Spalding gas turbine plant provides essential back-up for intermittent renewable sources of power generationThe asset adds resilience to the UK electricity network by providing generation capacity rapidly at times of stress.

Five Steps to Affordable Grid Resiliency

Winter came to Texas. In February 2021, sub-freezing temperatures forced the largest power outage in U.S. history, leaving millions without electricity and millions more facing severely disrupted water service as outages crippled critical infrastructure systems throughout the state.

Diversity in Engineering Promotes a Better Tomorrow
For centuries, engineers have played a critical role designing the world we live in, harnessing the power of practicality and creativity to better humanity. The importance of this role hasn’t diminished; in fact, it’s only become more pressing as challenges around infrastructure, climate change and global health command increasing attention. Amidst such complex, changing times, meeting the challenges and opportunities of today – and preparing for a better tomorrow – requires a diverse engineering workforce.
Connecting Rural America Through Wide-Scale Broadband
Nearly one-quarter of rural Americans still don’t have access to the 25/3 Mbps that was specified as the minimum broadband requirement for widespread internet access. These digital “have-nots” are falling behind their urban counterparts, with far-reaching economic, health and educational consequences for millions of Americans.
Turning Data into Action

Leveraging smart infrastructure to enable data-driven utility operations has long been a work in progress, and advancement has been uneven.

Ammonia: Fuel vs. Hydrogen Carrier
The use of ammonia as a hydrogen carrier creates a new question. What is the better fuel – ammonia as a stand-alone fuel or hydrogen from cracked ammonia? At the moment, there is not a clear-cut answer to the question. Rather, the best fuel choice is a function of intended use, quantity, and technology maturity of the fuel user.

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