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Converting LNG Import Terminals to Ammonia Import Terminals
From Black & Veatch's recently release Hybrid LNG & Ammonia Infrastructure: Key to a Green Economy eBook, this section discusses the optimum design for converting an LNG import facility to an ammonia storage, regasification and send-out facility with minimum required modification.
Revamping Ammonia Plants for Lower Emissions & High Efficiency
A large number of ammonia plants currently in operation are more than 50 years old. Given the technological advances over the last couple of decades, plant operators now have the opportunity to implement new technologies  to increase capacity and/or increase energy efficiency.
Engineering drives next-generation solar power in Southeast Asia

Mitesh Patel, Business Development Director & Associate Vice President, Renewable Energy, Asia, speaks to Uma Gupta of  pv magazine about the key trends driving the solar market, especially in Southeast Asia, and strategies to improve the bankability of PV projects.

Fast-tracked facility ensures reliable, sustainable data center operations
Data Center Industrial Reuse Water Treatment Plant

Uninterrupted service is at the heart of successful data center operations. To operate reliably data centers require a stable temperature. Central to ensuring a stable temperature is a reliable supply of high-quality water for the cooling system.

In the upper Northwest of the U.S., we are helping ensure seamless data center service by providing water of sufficient quality and quantity to cool more than 60 megawatts of major data center companies’ server farms.

Electric Transportation: Getting Out of First Gear

Across the nation, the drive to electrify transportation is shifting into high gear, with further acceleration expected as market participants increasingly see electric vehicles (EVs) as a gateway to sizable business benefits.

2021 Strategic Directions: Electric Industry Asia
Black & Veatch’s first-ever formal report dedicated to the Electric Industry in Asia explores how we are facing into uncertain times in 2021. The industry is challenged by concerns over financial constraints and operational disruption from a global pandemic while buoyed by opportunities to integrate more renewable energy and optimism around emerging sustainable technologies from battery energy storage to hydrogen power.
Prioritizing Data to Improve Asset Risk Mitigation
The adage that experience is the best teacher is certainly true when it pertains to asset management and the need for risk mitigation. Unfortunately, in the case of utilities, learning from experience can be the result of one or more catastrophic failures that put people and property in jeopardy and interrupt normal service to customers.
Emerging Technologies Gaining Mindshare in Power Generation
A shift to increased distributed generation, efforts to modernize the U.S. grid, and a transition to reducing harmful emissions are posing the greatest challenges for the power sector, as the industry evolves in a market driven by demands for enhanced efficiency, reliability and cleaner power supply.

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