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Commercial and Industrial Solar Expansion in Southeast Asia
Commercial and industrial rooftop solar PV projects are expanding rapidly in Southeast Asia. Trillions of dollars of new assets are expected to be deployed in the next decade, driven by attractive cost savings, access to third-party financing and growing focus on sustainability. This session shares how Black & Veatch is leveraging the ENACT SYSTEMS digital platform to rapidly assess commercial and industrial project opportunities.
WateReuse Symposium 2020

Black & Veatch has long been a global leader in water reuse research, planning, treatment and implementation. We have expertise that we have developed, honed and reapplied efficiently as technologies have evolved and opportunities have increased.

Navigating Decarbonization in Mining
Mirroring the evolution of the Industrial Revolution, the journey of scientific exploration of climate change issues began in the early 19th century. A hundred years later, in the 1930s, Thomas Edison voiced concerns about climate change and highlighted the need for renewable energy. Another century later, the need for action to address global climate change is as pressing as ever.
Communications Are Critical to Bridging the Digital Divide
There is no doubt that advanced communication networks are changing how we interact with data, technology and one another. New levels of connectivity are giving us the ability to create, share and analyze information, creating layers of input and insight that deepen our experiences, making them richer, more tangible and more valuable than ever before. This has never been more apparent than during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is driving entire communities to move their lives online, from classes to doctor appointments to the 9-5 workday.
Decarbonization for the Commercial and Industrial Sector
Today’s changing energy landscape is driving organizations to reexamine how they approach, use and manage electricity. With renewables playing a rising role in the power mix, we’re seeing sweeping changes in how electricity is produced, introducing new opportunities for stakeholders to embrace low- or zero-carbon energy systems.
5 Reasons Why Battery Storage will take off at Southeast Asia’s Gas-Fired Facilities
How will Southeast Asia’s* electric utility market evolve as it emerges from the fall out and impact of COVID-19 on the global economy? Already facing what was predicted as moderate GDP growth rates and a slowdown in the growth of demand for electricity, the region could also be coping with increased pressure to lower electricity rates and sustained pressure to broaden the energy mix, transitioning to cleaner forms of generation.
Small Cells, Big Connectivity
Small Cells, Big Connectivity

Major wireless carriers and infrastructure providers are deploying small cells to meet the demand for faster delivery of more data and video. Most of the time, hundreds to thousands of nodes are deployed at once, in addition to a fiber backhaul network, to achieve desired coverage, capacity, and signal propagation. These programs are complex and can involve hundreds of staff, high-volumes of materials, and many concurrent deployment sites across the country.

Asia Pacific’s Water Industry Focuses on Sustainability, Resource Recovery
Amid climate change and growing urbanization, Asia Pacific’s water networks are getting more complex and extensive. Increasing incidences of extreme weather that changes rainfall patterns, affecting rainfall availability and distribution, are one aspect of climate change that regional water leaders are addressing.
Black & Veatch Insights: Smart Utilities 2020 Survey Data

Black & Veatch’s 2020 Strategic Directions: Smart Utilities survey polled more than 625 qualified utility, municipal, commercial and community stakeholders to investigate the issues and complexities of the changing utility landscape.

Ensuring All Customers Have an Equal Opportunity to Receive Leading-Edge Service
It’s an exciting time with digital transformation gaining pace, a renewed appetite for innovation, and the opening up of the sector to tech start-ups. Against this backdrop, is there a chance that customers of bigger water companies — with more to invest in innovation — enjoy better outcomes, better customer experience, than customers of smaller, less affluent water companies?
Join Black & Veatch at the UTC Telecom & Technology Conference
A new connected ecosystem is forming. 5G networks are bringing lightning-fast communication and vast connectivity that will propel digitalization. Across industries, businesses and cities, digital infrastructure and technologies are beginning to scale and converge, creating the foundation for a sustainable, resilient and connected future.
The Future is Bright for Water Recycling Strategies
Finding more water sources is no longer enough. The future rests in smart strategies that reuse what we’ve already got. Faced with the specter of climate change and increasingly extreme weather events, an expanding portfolio of water reuse strategies as a sustainability goal is becoming the norm for water utilities.
Maturation of tidal energy: Pentland array leads the way
To further the development of tidal energy as a commercially viable source of renewable power, lessons learnt from MeyGen Phase 1A are being shared in a new assessment authored by Black & Veatch’s marine energy team. This article shares some of the findings of overall significance to the maturation of tidal energy.

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