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Solving Financial Issues: It Can Start with Helping Customers First
Water utility managers are faced with a dilemma. They have a well-documented need to raise rates in order to help fund urgent capital improvements for plant and equipment. At the same time, they need to be mindful about the portion of their customers who are having difficulty paying their bills. How can these two conflicting positions be reconciled?
Distribution Planning: More Twists and Turns Ahead
Planning for today's distribution networks is a little like driving down a foggy road at night. knowing what's ahead and having more visibility makes a ride like that easier, but the clarity those two conditions provide is lacking for utilities and other players in the power sector as they travel toward a modernized grid.
Asia Pacific's 'Digital Utilities' of the Future
At the core of digital transformation, or digital water, is aggregating, mapping and analyzing data for greater insights and actionable information. One goal of digital water is to provide predictive analytics by optimizing plant performance and identifying process exceptions before they become costly problems.
Predictive Maintenance Offers Promise in Asset Management
Water utilities the world over are faced with challenges, including increasing demand, falling revenues and climate change. While building new assets remains part of the solution, enhancing the performance of existing assets is more important than ever before.
Designing Mines with Water in Mind
Climate change, a growing global population and accelerating urbanization are deepening concern over the world’s water security. From floods to droughts, too much water to not enough, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the world’s continuing water woes.
Asian Data Centres: Six Steps to a Successful Investment
Asia accounts for a quarter of global data centre investments. The region is expected to be the fastest growing data centre market during the next five years. India is Asia’s second fastest growing data centre market, behind China. 
How NextGen Agriculture Can Feed a Growing World
One in every nine people in the world – or roughly 815 million people – are undernourished, according to the United Nations. This sobering statistic has prompted the UN to launch its Zero Hunger initiative, which aims to end hunger through indoor farming solutions, a now viable means for achieving sustainable food production.
The Future of Energy
The concept of “new energy” has ushered in a global movement dedicated to cost-effective sustainability, clean energy technology and grid innovation. Today more than ever, we’re seeing stakeholders and industry giants from all sectors come together in combined efforts.
Holistic Distribution Modernization Programs Require More Than IT Upgrades
Electric utilities are realizing that distribution modernization programs, also referred to as grid modernization, can no longer be put off. Overhauling the electric distribution system will require upgrades to OT, as well as to the networks that allow IT and OT components to communicate to improve reliability.
Data Drives Smart Cities
The annual Black & Veatch Strategic Directions: Smart Cities & Utilities Report explores progress made across the smart city and smart utility landscape.

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