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2022 Hydrogen's Role in Energy Storage
In the drive for net zero, hydrogen complements the integration of renewables and electrification of transport and difficult to decarbonize industries.
2022 Megatrends in Power Report
Sponsored by Black & Veatch, a global leader in sustainable engineering, procurement and construction, and Clarion Energy, a media leader covering power generation, transmission and distribution, the 2022 Megatrends in Power report explores the sweeping forces driving a complete repowering of the American power industry.
Decarbonizing EMEA: Mapping the Road Forward
Our Decarbonizing EMEA: Mapping the Road Forward eBook sets out the crucial initial steps organizations across the region should consider in order to maximize the return on their net zero investments and ability to prosper in a decarbonized future.
Decarbonizing EMEA: The Market Dynamics of Hydrogen
Hydrogen complements the integration of renewables and electrification of transport and difficult to decarbonize industries. As a result, the most abundant element in the universe is a key player in achieving net zero.
Grid Modernization 2022: Resilience and Reliability
The grid is a marvel of ingenuity and a creation worthy of national pride, but the relentless impacts of climate change, aging infrastructure and a rapidly shifting generation profile have exposed its fragility. Today, electric systems are facing changes comparable to how fixed-line telephone systems transitioned to mobile.
Hidrógeno 2021: Hoja de Ruta hacia Net Zero
La tecnología está a la vanguardia de la transición energética a Net Zero. Como resultado, una hoja de ruta estratégica de descarbonización que carece de un núcleo tecnológico detallado será insuficiente. Las hojas de ruta estratégicas de descarbonización más completas y, por lo tanto, las más probables de entregar - entrelazará negocios objetivos con alta calidad, mercado preciso y análisis regulatorio, y experiencia de primera mano en soluciones tecnológicas en descarbonización en la generación de energía, transmisión de electricidad, combustible y sectores de productos químicos y transporte.
Hydrogen 2021: A Roadmap to Net Zero
Technology is at the leading edge of the energy transition to Net Zero. As a result, a decarbonization strategic roadmap that lacks a detailed technology core will be insufficient. The most complete strategic decarbonization roadmaps — and thus those most likely to deliver — will intermesh business goals with high quality, accurate market and regulatory analysis; and first-hand expertise in decarbonization technology solutions in the power generation, power transmission, fuel and chemicals and transportation sectors.
Hydrogen: A Cornerstone of Asia's Energy Transition eBook
As sustainability grows as an economic and social imperative, hydrogen is emerging as an attractive fuel for distributed and baseload power generation, as well as transportation, heating and green chemical production. While the development of fuel-cell vehicles continues, the electric industry in Asia today has an opportunity to begin planning, studying and adjusting ahead of the introduction of hydrogen as a fuel source and as a vital component of the region’s energy transition.
Hydrogen 2021: The Path to Net Zero Becomes Clearer
Clean-burning and energy-dense, hydrogen can be a gateway to decarbonizing the world’s energy systems, supply chains and heavy industries. In these critical, energy-intensive industries, hydrogen provides the clearest pathway to cost competitive carbon emissions reductions where reliability, resilience and performance cannot be compromised and could provide an alternative to electric battery technologies.
Achieving Operational Readiness & Compliance for Today’s Pipeline Management eBook
The essential theme in the discussion of SCADA operational readiness and Control Room Management design is the complexity of requirements to meet all stakeholder needs. Putting these requirements in perspective and including all stakeholders’ needs will shorten and improve the SCADA-CRM design phase and ensure compliance and operational requirements are met.
Hydrogen Takes Center Stage
From the largest producers of energy and power to those pursuing advances in technology, healthcare and agriculture, many of the world’s largest and most influential organizations have declared bold and ambitious environmental and sustainability targets. To decarbonize our economies, powerful words must be met with powerful action. How will the world’s energy systems, supply chains and heavy industries overcome what is often described as an addiction to fossil fuels? The answer is increasingly hydrogen.

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