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Piecing Together the New Energy Mosaic Webinar
The power generation mix of the future will certainly emit far less carbon than in decades prior. And it will contain a large portion of renewable energy technologies. ​This session will include Black & Veatch’s extensive work in all of these areas, with other experts in the field sharing experiences and visions on the operational side of the baseload path to low and no carbon.
Battery Storage For Energy Resilience Webinar
With recent events shining a renewed spotlight on the necessity for resilience, how is energy storage uniquely positioned to be a key component for resiliency in the electric grid? In this webinar, we will discuss what is driving the increased need for the implementation of new technologies to support and improve grid resiliency and what role storage can play to meet resiliency objectives. We will touch on the overall market landscape for battery energy storage and talk about why location and market structure matters for driving the types of projects being built. We will close with current trends for utility scale and customer sited resiliency projects, with some project examples from Black & Veatch.
AMI for Resiliency Webinar
As AMI’s role in Grid Modernization expands, such as in supplementing Distribution Automation, and supporting Distributed Energy Resource and Electric Vehicle Integration, a proactive data analytics program leveraging AMI data may uncover potential vulnerabilities that then drive priorities in system modifications and improvements that enhance the strength and dependability of the AMI system. ​As part of this panel, participants will discuss several factors in AMI design, business release scheduling, and performance measurement through analytics; each in support of and resulting in a resilient system solution.
Fleet Decarbonization: Future States Webinar
Fleet and facility power could also be connected to the grid and sold to create additional revenue streams. Join BV’s industry-leading transportation experts for an introduction to future states.
Bringing Automated Intelligence and Integrated Controls to Microgrids and Distributed Energy Webinar
Many sectors such as financial services, military, and universities are seeking microgrids for energy resiliency, emissions control, and energy cost savings. Black & Veatch is working with a number of clients in these, and other sectors, to address their critical business needs, while also adopting advanced technologies, including AI and advanced controls. This session will focus on the development and aims of selected DER projects, as a number of technology components continue to follow cost reduction curves and achieve more advanced functionality.
Predicting the Unpredictable: Managing Utility Risk in a Shifting Climate
Our shifting climate has created increased impacts for utilities and power infrastructure. In this webinar, we discuss four areas where we see this risk, how we've helped clients mitigate it, and what changes we see happening in the future: Temperature Extremes, Coastal Flooding, Transmission and Distribution Asset Vulnerability, and Environmental Stewardship.
Fleet Decarbonization: Business Cases Webinar
The transition to zero-emission fleets comes at a cost. However, fleet owners have options when it comes to the business case that will best meet your organization’s individualized needs for operations and cost-efficiency. This session will expand on the various choices and business models – some established, and some emerging— that provide flexibility when it comes to building the business case, as well as financing, for your zero-emission vehicles and infrastructure.
Developing Urban Energy for a Carbon Neutral Future Webinar
Building on the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2021 theme, “Accelerating the Low Carbon Transition in the Asia and the Pacific”, this session aims to explore and discuss challenges and opportunities that cities in the Asia Pacific are facing to develop sustainable and carbon-neutral urban energy systems and how it is possible to accelerate the transition to a low carbon society post COVID19.
Asset Management Talks - Information Solutions
The Information Solutions session will discuss challenges utilities are facing, such as data collection, IT strategic planning and system integrations, optimizing CMMS/EAMS systems and dashboarding options and functionality.
Roundtable: Uncovering Mining Innovation Within the Americas

Innovation is more vital than ever in the Americas as we look to evolve beyond our past experiences and technologies. Join our panel discussion as we uncover the future of mining innovation in the Americas and how companies will need to get more innovative to drive change.

CityAge Webinar

On June 1st, CityAge along with Black & Veatch and PatriotOne Technologies launched the fourth episode of The Big Spend Series, CityAge: Las Vegas.

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