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Battery Storage For Energy Resilience Webinar
With recent events shining a renewed spotlight on the necessity for resilience, how is energy storage uniquely positioned to be a key component for resiliency in the electric grid? In this webinar, we will discuss what is driving the increased need for the implementation of new technologies to support and improve grid resiliency and what role storage can play to meet resiliency objectives. We will touch on the overall market landscape for battery energy storage and talk about why location and market structure matters for driving the types of projects being built. We will close with current trends for utility scale and customer sited resiliency projects, with some project examples from Black & Veatch.
Bringing Automated Intelligence and Integrated Controls to Microgrids and Distributed Energy Webinar
Many sectors such as financial services, military, and universities are seeking microgrids for energy resiliency, emissions control, and energy cost savings. Black & Veatch is working with a number of clients in these, and other sectors, to address their critical business needs, while also adopting advanced technologies, including AI and advanced controls. This session will focus on the development and aims of selected DER projects, as a number of technology components continue to follow cost reduction curves and achieve more advanced functionality.
Asset Resiliency in Critical Weather Events
Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly more common. This webinar identifies areas for investigation and offers implementation scenarios to thwart the economic, psychological, and humanitarian impacts of extreme weather events.
Monitoring & Diagnostics Service Delivers Convenience, Assurance, and Quality for Industrial and Utility Assets
This webinar offers an overview of the people, processes, and tools our Monitoring & Diagnostics (M&D) service provides to more than 160 facilities across a wide variety of plant types and industries throughout the world. And, reviews three key examples where our team identified issues when they were small, then provided the right information to the right people at the right time so they were dealt with before plant operations could be significantly impacted.
Zeroing on Emissions Webinar
Explore the decarbonization technology solutions that play key roles in the management of carbon emissions and when specific technologies are projected to go mainstream. This webinar also explores how the industry can better utilize existing and new technologies to meet the growing demands of the “green and clean” future, and touches on related value-add opportunities. Each of these topics is considered in the context of solar, wind, microgrids, distributed networks, energy storage, low carbon fuels (e.g., RNG and hydrogen), point source carbon capture, direct air capture, carbon utilization and sequestration, tax credits, and more.
Considerations for Hybrid Renewable Generation Plus Battery Energy Storage Projects Webinar
Hybrid power generation systems integrate renewable electricity generation with energy storage as a grid asset. However, the path to an optimal technology balance can be complex and very project-specific. Developers of these projects must navigate through a wide variety of locational criteria and technology options to achieve a best-fit design and operational strategy. This session will review the current market and development trends in wind, solar and energy storage technology; then discuss the advantages, technical considerations and future implications for the addition of battery energy storage to solar and wind-based renewable power generation projects.
Make DERs an Asset of Your Grid Webinar
This webinar covers the different methods of evaluating DER impact to your system, including the increasingly important locational value of these assets to distribution and bulk power systems. We will examine utility case studies covering: distributed storage at customer sites, utility sites to support high levels of renewable energy, as well as dispatchable standby generation programs that include paralleling switchgear and a controls interface to customer owned back-up generators of over 500 kWs.
The Distribution System Battery Energy Storage System (BESS): Planning and Applications
Distributed Energy Resources (DER) such as customer sited generation and electric vehicles are rapidly changing the landscape of utility distribution systems. This webinar will discuss the application of BESS at the distribution system level, and illustrate, with case studies, what a BESS can and can’t do. The discussion will also include planning and design studies needed for BESS implementation.
Offshore Wind - Industry Overview, Challenges and Lessons Learned Webinar
Offshore wind has now become a mature commercial sector and is growing exponentially in many markets. The World Bank recently reported a technical potential of 15.6 TW of offshore wind power. This would be based on operations at a capacity factor of 50% and would satisfy half of the world's energy needs. As the world recovers from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, the "new normal" cannot be business as usual with respect to carbon emissions. Given its commercial viability and ability to be deployed at scale, offshore wind power will play a meaningful role in delivering the recovery from the current crisis.
Webinar: How Utilities Can Support the Future of Electrification (Follow Up Discussion)
With an influx of questions from a highly engaged audience in the 2020 Utility Dive webinar, How Utilities Can Support the Future of Electrification, presenters Paul Stith, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Black and Veatch; Rustam Kocher, E-Mobility Ecosystem Leader, Daimler Trucks North America; and Mike Roeth, Executive Director of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, regrouped for an informal conversation to address the important topics.
Webinar: How Utilities Can Support the Future of Electrification
In this webinar, recorded in May 2020 with Utility Dive, Paul Stith, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Black and Veatch; Rustam Kocher, E-Mobility Ecosystem Leader, Daimler Trucks North America; and Mike Roeth, Executive Director of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, explore the current challenges and upcoming needs that utilities can help solve. They also tackle insightful questions from the audience of utilities and other EV stakeholders.
Hot Topics When Considering Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Projects
A discussion on current topics that are being considered when planning, developing, and implementing solar PV and battery energy storage projects. Specifically, they will be diving into considerations for the adoption of bi-facial PV module technology on solar PV project design and performance, and the addition of battery energy storage to solar-based renewable power generation projects.
Site Analysis in the Cloud
Black & Veatch is working in new ways and forming new partnerships to exceed client expectations. We won't allow the current conditions to slow us down. And, we’ll continue to deliver high quality work. Through our partnership with technology vendors such as Pivvot, we’re finding new and innovative ways to meet client needs. During our webinar, we share best practices for site analysis, address common pitfalls, and demonstrate how we’re conducting “virtual site analyses” for new transmission routes and distributed energy sites.
Renewable Integration for Transmission Systems
A review of the process of interconnecting renewable generation to the transmission system, planning and execution considerations to meet interconnect requirements, anticipated transmission grid constraints with additional renewable generation and planning considerations as they pertain to renewable plant equipment.
Best Practices for Remote Monitoring and Data Analytics Webinar
Joseph Lauth, Asset Management Engineer for Black & Veatch’s Global Distributed Energy business, and William (Buddy) Lemasters, Electrical Support and ASSET360® Monitoring Manager at Longview Power, cover best practices for a successful Monitoring & Diagnostics Program and share a few of the “good finds” identified from their work at Longview Power, one of the newest, most efficient and cleanest coal-fired power plants in the United States.

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