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Developing Urban Energy for a Carbon Neutral Future Webinar
Building on the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2021 theme, “Accelerating the Low Carbon Transition in the Asia and the Pacific”, this session aims to explore and discuss challenges and opportunities that cities in the Asia Pacific are facing to develop sustainable and carbon-neutral urban energy systems and how it is possible to accelerate the transition to a low carbon society post COVID19.
High Voltage Cable Systems: When & Where They are Useful
High voltage (HV) cable system construction and installation varies dramatically depending on the cable technology used, system requirements and localized special site conditions. This session shares how we evaluate the planning considerations for underground transmission lines, and when and where HV cable systems can be used appropriately by effectively balancing costs and environmental considerations.
Renewable Integration into the Transmission System
There has been an increase in the pace of deployment of large-scale renewable generation assets which interconnect into the transmission system. This session reviews the process of interconnecting renewable generation to the transmission system, planning and execution considerations to meet interconnect requirements, anticipated transmission grid constraints with additional renewable generation and planning considerations as they pertain to renewable plant equipment.
Considerations for Hybrid Renewable Generation Plus Battery Energy Storage Projects Webinar
Hybrid power generation systems integrate renewable electricity generation with energy storage as a grid asset. However, the path to an optimal technology balance can be complex and very project-specific. Developers of these projects must navigate through a wide variety of locational criteria and technology options to achieve a best-fit design and operational strategy. This session will review the current market and development trends in wind, solar and energy storage technology; then discuss the advantages, technical considerations and future implications for the addition of battery energy storage to solar and wind-based renewable power generation projects.
Make DERs an Asset of Your Grid Webinar
This webinar covers the different methods of evaluating DER impact to your system, including the increasingly important locational value of these assets to distribution and bulk power systems. We will examine utility case studies covering: distributed storage at customer sites, utility sites to support high levels of renewable energy, as well as dispatchable standby generation programs that include paralleling switchgear and a controls interface to customer owned back-up generators of over 500 kWs.
Biomass and Waste-to-Energy Plant Design Fundamentals Webinar
Biomass and Waste-to-Energy power plant design requires a fundamental knowledge of feedstock characteristics, which in turn drives conversion technology selection. This session will highlight some of the key feedstock characteristics, plant design parameters, and technical considerations for co-firing / repowering of existing coal generation assets.
Plant Modernization Services - Webinar
Plant modernization is a cost-effective solution to extend the useful life, improve the efficiency, environmental performance, reliability and flexibility of operating power facilities. The modernization strategy is also viewed as an effective alternative to the construction of new power assets. This session will highlight critical operational challenges for power utilities’ today and offer major technical insights and operational best practices from 50+ plant modernization projects executed within Asia in the recent years.
Non-Wires Alternatives - Webinar
A session covering various types of Non-Wires Alternatives to traditional grid infrastructure projects. Elaborating how these types of technologies can help utilities and private enterprises, with a discussion of how to evaluate, execute and control in order to solve reliability and grid constraint issues and build a more flexible grid network. During this webinar, we also share several NWA success cases across US and Asia region; and highlight the types of key benefits for Asia.
Monitoring Maintenance of Distributed Infrastructure
A session covering the different market offerings monitoring and maintenance provides leveraging on Black & Veatch’s ASSET360™ data analytics platform. How it helps to simplify asset performance management for asset owners; putting data to work to detect emerging risks, minimize unplanned downtime, enhance efficiency and improve planning effectiveness.
Hydrogen Market Overview
Hydrogen is a versatile fuel, feedstock, and energy carrier for a host of different applications. Black & Veatch is currently involved in many aspects of the hydrogen value chain across the globe and has been involved as a consultant and engineering, procurement, and construction contractor for many projects that involve hydrogen. This session covers the overview and future market trends of hydrogen.
Asia: Hot Topics When Considering Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Projects
A discussion on current topics that are being considered when planning, developing, and implementing solar PV and battery energy storage projects. Specifically, they will be diving into considerations for the adoption of bi-facial PV module technology on solar PV project design and performance, and the addition of battery energy storage to solar-based renewable power generation projects.
Energy Storage Plus Gas Turbines - Improving Grid Flexibility
With the increased introduction of variable renewable generation, compounding the traditional variability in electric loads, the need for generating assets that are flexible (fast starting and rapid ramping) is growing. Hybrid systems, pairing a generator with storage, are proven solutions that improve grid flexibility. This discussion covered battery energy storage coupled with gas turbines assets.   

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