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Renewable Energy Solutions Brochure

With our integrated technology team and our ability to self-perform, we can provide a single turn-key solution that optimizes schedules, provides cost efficiencies, and ensures quality.

Routing Services
Black & Veatch provides innovative and cost effective routing solutions to complex challenges. We offer comprehensive GIS-based routing services, supporting services and program management in right of way acquisition, environmental permitting, engineering, procurement and construction.
Water Loss Management Solutions Brochure

Black & Veatch professionals bring specialized planning experience that integrates water loss control programs, systems and data integration, and asset management to help water utilities manage resources more efficiently.

Stormwater Resilience Solutions Brochure

Our continent-wide team successfully blends engineering and science in water resources management – as well as decades of experience solving communities’ most complex stormwater challenges – to provide a full spectrum of expertise across the entire project lifecycle.

Environmental & Land Services Brochure
You can see a greenfield site transform into a hyperscale datacenter or a vacant lot turn into an EV charging site. What you can’t see are all the steps in between to make the project a reality. From site acquisition through commissioning, Black & Veatch works behind the scenes to provide comprehensive environmental and land services to support our clients’ growth.
PRICO® LNG Technology
For safe, efficient and economical solutions in LNG production, we bring it all together. In the early 1960s, Black & Veatch was an industry pioneer, involved in one of the world’s first LNG facilities in Algeria.
Groundwater Solutions Brochure

Our expertise includes wellfield planning and optimization, investigations, site work, drilling, design testing, permitting, reporting and operations & maintenance.

Data Center Design Brochure

Black & Veatch designs efficient, scalable and resilient data centers. With our integrated and comprehensive suite of services, we provide customized design solutions that optimize the lifetime of your assets and ensures reliable and efficient operation.

Wind Services Brochure

The ever-increasing demand for renewable energy presents new challenges for power producers. From the variable nature of the generation to the distributed nature of the assets, wind energy projects have a unique set of factors to consider.

Data Center Site Due Diligence Services Brochure

As a trusted leader in critical infrastructure development and environmental services, Black & Veatch is the ideal partner to ensure you select the right data center location based on your business case objectives while staying on budget, on schedule and avoiding risk.

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