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Powering Data Centers with Natural Gas
As the Data Center industry increases its focus on sustainability, natural gas offers a clean, accessible and reliable alternative to diesel generators for their energy-intensive operations. This report explores the considerations and benefits of using natural gas generators for backup power to help you decide if this green technology is right for your Data Center.
Hydrogen Takes Center Stage
From the largest producers of energy and power to those pursuing advances in technology, healthcare and agriculture, many of the world’s largest and most influential organizations have declared bold and ambitious environmental and sustainability targets. To decarbonize our economies, powerful words must be met with powerful action. How will the world’s energy systems, supply chains and heavy industries overcome what is often described as an addiction to fossil fuels? The answer is increasingly hydrogen.
Utility Financial Plan Reset: COVID-19 Implications
The financial resilience of the utility industry is going through a severe stress test with a confluence of factors that are impacting both utility revenues and costs. As a utility leader, you may be called upon to provide a rapid financial forecast amidst an ongoing and rapidly changing economic, social, and public health crisis. This paper provides insights into performing a “Financial Plan Reset” during these uncertain times, incorporating (i) Modified Forecast Assumptions; and (ii) Adaptive Strategies, to navigate the financial impact of COVID-19.
Hot Topics When Considering Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Projects
A discussion on current topics that are being considered when planning, developing, and implementing solar PV and battery energy storage projects. Specifically, they will be diving into considerations for the adoption of bi-facial PV module technology on solar PV project design and performance, and the addition of battery energy storage to solar-based renewable power generation projects.

Purchaser and its subsidiary companies (collectively hereinafter, the “Company”) is a global company that conducts business in many countries through subsidiaries, branches, joint ventures, and other business arrangements.

Grid Modernization

Renewable energy generation and distributed energy resources are becoming a more prominent part of the grid.

2020 Q2 Black & Veatch Retiree News

It is safe to say that life has been different over the last several months. I hope you are all staying safe and well during this time. We would love to hear from you, and BV Retiree News is a great way to share stories of how you have been coping with the COVID-19 shutdown.

2020 Q1 Black & Veatch Retiree News

Welcome to the Q1 2020 edition of our BV Retiree News. I hope everyone’s 2020 is off to a great start! As you’ll see, this issue of Retiree News is filled with great, interesting stories of travels and adventures penned by your fellow retirees.

LNG Solutions

Movement toward cleaner energy alternatives is ushering in greater demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure.

NENA 2018

Black & Veatch exhibited at the NENA 2018 conference at Music City Center in Nashville, TN. The show is one of the premier public safety events of the year, focusing on safer, secure and universally-available state-of-the-art 9-1-1 systems and training of 9-1-1 professionals.

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