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Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade
Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

Faced with the need for a more efficient, sustainable treatment plant that could adequately serve its growing population and meet new discharge regulations, Johnson County Wastewater (JCW), located in the southwest portion of the Kansas City metro area, turned to Black & Veatch to help expand its Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Treatment facility, resulting in upgrades that saved the county approximately $16 million a year.

Creating a Reliable & Affordable Decarbonization Roadmap for California
Green earth image

As utilities around the world face the consequences of the climate crisis, California’s San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) took action to address the public and regulatory policies driving governments, businesses, and utilities alike to evaluate the most viable pathways for economy-wide decarbonization.

Green hydrogen in the Emerald Isle
Green hydrogen in the Emerald Isle teaser image

The Republic of Ireland has significant wind energy potential, with the total offshore wind resource alone being sufficient to comfortably meet the country’s electricity needs. As both on and offshore wind capacity is being developed, this resource is being utilised to generate green hydrogen as well as electricity.

BNR complex strengthens the sustainability and resilience of a vital California environmental and water supply resource
EchoWater BNR Project

Protecting California’s livelihood means protecting its water.

In 2010, the state mandated strict new water quality requirements in the discharge permit of the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San). The utility operates the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP), serving the sanitation needs of 1.6 million customers. The new regulations prompted Regional San to implement the EchoWater project, a $1.7 billion upgrade of the SRWTP.

Developing Biomass Gasification for Hydrogen Production
Developing Biomass Gasification for Hydrogen Production teaser image
A major player in the UK energy sector commissioned Black & Veatch’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) team to investigate biomass gasification, coupled with carbon capture, as a source of hydrogen. Hydrogen complements, and even accelerates, the integration of renewables and the electrification of transport and difficult to decarbonize industries. As a result, the most abundant element in the universe has a leading role in the drive to net zero.
From Smokestack to Fish Snack: Black & Veatch Helps Design Facility to Transform CO2 Emissions into Alternative Protein Ingredients
NovoNutrients teaser Image

Over 36 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide are emitted each year, impacting climate change and altering global temperatures and weather patterns.  NovoNutrients is transforming carbon dioxide emissions into alternative protein ingredients. It’s a rags-to-riches story for the eco-friendly age: unsustainable carbon emissions transformed into versatile, complex nourishment for the beings it once threatened. The proof is in the well-fed zebrafish floating around a vat in the NovoNutrients’ lab.

Data Center Assessment and CFD Analysis for Leading Financial Institution
Data Center Assessment Leading Financial Institution teaser image

When our financial services client was upgrading and adding more data center equipment to their facilities, the company convinced themselves they were running out of power and were set on colocation as the answer.  To confirm their decision, they turned to us, their data center engineer, to assess multiple data centers. 

Fast-Moving Smart City Solutions
Fast-Moving Smart City Solutions teaser image

Guided by their smart city plan, City of West Hollywood (WeHo), California, began to implement projects that would help them become a City of the Future. But like many communities, WeHo was busy and needed support in the form of technical expertise to integrate multiple smart city technologies into the built environment. This could have stalled their progress, but WeHo proactively established a procurement pathway that gave them access to a bench of technical experts before they launched their smart city projects.

Building Stakeholder Consensus, a Reliable Water Supply and a More Sustainable Community
San Diego Pure Water project story teaser image

Good things are happening in California. Primarily driven by water scarcity and commitment to resilient infrastructure, communities and organizations across the state are working together to purify and reuse water previously returned to the ocean. Benefits include environmental protection, optimized investment and asset management, and development and maintenance of a more resilient water supply.   

APS Modernizes Ocotillo Power Plant to Support Reliable, Sustainable Power Initiatives
Ocotillo Power Generation Station teaser image

Tempe, Arizona sits just east of Phoenix, one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. It’s also home to the Sun Devils of Arizona State University (ASU), a leading public research university. Just east of the ASU campus sits the Ocotillo Power Generation Plant. Because of its proximity to the city’s center, this facility has been an iconic part of the Tempe skyline for decades.

Electric Island: Providing the Pathway to Carbon-Free Trucking
Electric Island Teaser Image
In a sector accelerating toward decarbonization for the long haul, Electric Island, located near Daimler Trucks North America’s (DTNA) headquarters in Portland, Oregon, showcases how to power electric vans, trucks and buses today, and will also serve as grounds for innovation and testing.
Creating a lower carbon future in the Lower Aire Valley
Knostrop Energy & Recycling Facility

Yorkshire Water’s £72 million Knostrop Energy & Recycling Facility turns wastewater into energy, generating sufficient electricity to power 7,600 homes. The project, according to local member of parliament Hilary Benn, “is helping to create a lower carbon future in the Lower Aire Valley.”

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