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Diversity in Engineering Promotes a Better Tomorrow
For centuries, engineers have played a critical role designing the world we live in, harnessing the power of practicality and creativity to better humanity. The importance of this role hasn’t diminished; in fact, it’s only become more pressing as challenges around infrastructure, climate change and global health command increasing attention. Amidst such complex, changing times, meeting the challenges and opportunities of today – and preparing for a better tomorrow – requires a diverse engineering workforce.
Connecting Rural America Through Wide-Scale Broadband
Nearly one-quarter of rural Americans still don’t have access to the 25/3 Mbps that was specified as the minimum broadband requirement for widespread internet access. These digital “have-nots” are falling behind their urban counterparts, with far-reaching economic, health and educational consequences for millions of Americans.
Turning Data into Action

Leveraging smart infrastructure to enable data-driven utility operations has long been a work in progress, and advancement has been uneven.

Ammonia: Fuel vs. Hydrogen Carrier
The use of ammonia as a hydrogen carrier creates a new question. What is the better fuel – ammonia as a stand-alone fuel or hydrogen from cracked ammonia? At the moment, there is not a clear-cut answer to the question. Rather, the best fuel choice is a function of intended use, quantity, and technology maturity of the fuel user.
Next-Level Reliability Through Resilience

Reliable service always has been core to every utility’s mandate, but achieving this is becoming more complex in the face of aging infrastructure and increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events.

A Story of Collaboration, Vision of Renewable Energy
Cardinal Point Wind
Meet Cardinal Point Wind, a sprawling wind farm that’s testament to the zero-carbon development vision of Canada-based Capital Power, the project’s owner. And it’s symbolic of the collaboration and trust between that wholesale power generator and Black & Veatch, a global renewable energy solutions leader that stepped up to the challenge of erecting the farm.
Is there a future for gas-fired generation in Southeast Asia?
Large gas-fired power plants have a future in Southeast Asia. As countries continue on their journey to full electrification and more sustainable operations, combined cycle facilities will play a critical role in stabilizing ever-more complex grids, complementing variable renewable energy assets and, in some cases, transitioning to hydrogen as a zero-emissions fuel source over the long term.
Managing Asia’s future grid

Asia’s energy transition is extensive and rapid. Google’s commitment to use excess renewable energy from rooftop solar panels of 500 public housing blocks to power its Singapore operations is a clear indication of the shift to sustainable development.

Designing Ammonia- Ready LNG Import Terminals
From Black & Veatch's recently release Hybrid LNG & Ammonia Infrastructure: Key to a Green Economy eBook, this section discusses how the LNG import facility can be designed to be ammonia-ready with minimum required modification.
Small Town Sees Big Opportunity from Distributed Generation and Battery Storage
Solar PV field in Panguitch, Utah
Black & Veatch provided engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for a battery energy storage and solar project composed of a 650kWac monocrystalline photovoltaic (PV) plant utilizing a horizontal  single-axis tracking system. The solar PV project utilizes 150 kW SMA string Inverters, which are tied to an owner-supplied 1 MVA step-up transformer.
Designing Ammonia-Ready LNG Storage Tanks
From Black & Veatch's recently release Hybrid LNG & Ammonia Infrastructure: Key to a Green Economy eBook, this section discusses the optimum design for ammonia-ready LNG storage tanks.
Converting LNG Storage Tanks to Ammonia Storage Tanks
From Black & Veatch's recently release Hybrid LNG & Ammonia Infrastructure: Key to a Green Economy eBook, this section discusses the optimum conversion of existing LNG storage tanks to ammonia storage tanks.

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