Decarbonization Roadmap: New Black & Veatch ebook helps organizations ensure their early steps towards decarbonization are the right steps | Black & Veatch

Decarbonization Roadmap: New Black & Veatch ebook helps organizations ensure their early steps towards decarbonization are the right steps

A Roadmap to NetZero, part of Black & Veatch’s Hydrogen 2021 program, presents a technology agnostic guide to strategic decarbonization road mapping

The impacts of climate change are fostering a sense of urgency in the drive to decarbonize. Many organizations, however, remain unclear about how to achieve their NetZero commitments. Hydrogen 2021: A Roadmap to NetZero, a new ebook from Black & Veatch, helps organizations chart a pathway towards delivering their decarbonization goals.

“Converting leaders’ urgency into a plan when there is incomplete information is a challenge. Black & Veatch is developing strategic roadmaps with clients across industries, helping them select the right technologies and make the right investments this decade, so they can meet their commitments in decades to come,” said Deepa Poduval, Vice President, Global Strategic Advisory. “Our latest ebook draws upon this experience and shares the elements essential to creating a decarbonization roadmap that is executable.”

According to Black & Veatch’s 2021 Corporate Sustainability, Goal Setting and Measurement report more than 80 percent of companies surveyed with revenues greater than US$250 million have set decarbonization goals, yet 25 percent have set goals at such a level that they are unsure how they will meet them. Hydrogen 2021: A Roadmap to NetZero, is intended to help organizations in this position, as well as those wanting to benchmark and enhance existing plans.

“Increasingly, our clients must address significant, global challenges in their core business strategies and capital investments. Decarbonizing the industry is our generation’s moonshot,” said Jason Rowell, Black & Veatch’s Director of Global Decarbonization Solutions. “As a full-service infrastructure provider, Black & Veatch brings technical and commercial expertise for that journey; and is sharing these insights in our new ebook.”

For most organizations the growing recognition of hydrogen’s potential makes it likely the element will touch most decarbonization plans either directly or indirectly; few initiatives, however, will be pure-play hydrogen. As a result the ebook looks at steps to establish which decarbonization technologies are best suited to delivering an organization’s decarbonization goals; and how to address their interaction with interdependent factors such as developing an understanding of organizational change and the regulatory landscape.

“As more and more organizations consider their decarbonization goals, regardless of their revenue or size, the quality of their initial strategic decarbonization roadmap will have one of the most significant impacts upon the return on their low-carbon investments and ability to compete and thrive in a decarbonized future,” Rowell added. “By setting out clearly the necessary business, regulatory and technical considerations, Hydrogen 2021: A Roadmap to NetZero can help get those vital early steps right.” Click here to download Hydrogen 2021: A Roadmap to NetZero.

Black & Veatch is a member of the Hydrogen Council and advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee. Hydrogen 2021: A Roadmap to NetZero draws upon insights and experience from these activities as well as leading-edge decarbonization projects including:


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