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Investment, Policy and Holistic Planning Integral to Drive Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

White paper explores the state of U.S. hydrogen fueling infrastructure, recommendations for further adoption

A new white paper from Black & Veatch’s Smart Integrated Infrastructure (SII) business examines the current hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the U.S. and challenges that complicate development. Costs, financing, siting, policies and safety education are cited as the keys, and sometimes barriers, to greater fueling station deployment.

Recent reports estimate that in California alone more than 34,000 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) will be on the road by 2021. Even with states like California investing heavily in new hydrogen fuel stations, the rate of consumer adoption is quickly outpacing fueling station deployment. In order to support hydrogen vehicle adoption and zero emission transportation, the industry needs to take action now to meet future demand. Successful projects in California, New York and in the northeast U.S. provide valuable insights to help streamline and advance deployments.

“Holistic planning will also prepare the industry for advances in connected transportation, public transportation, transportation of goods and integrated systems, which enable true efficiencies across cities, regions and the U.S.”

The paper features recommendations for collaboration between automakers, federal, state and local governments and organizations, and commercial entities. These strategic partnerships could provide opportunities for alternative funding, siting assistance and community engagement to add hydrogen fueling stations. 
The paper can be downloaded for free here.

Editor’s Notes:

  • Black & Veatch has partnered with FirstElement Fuel Inc., to engineer, permit and construct the first hydrogen fueling station network in the U.S. View our video on this partnership here:
  • Black & Veatch’s vehicle charging infrastructure portfolio currently includes more than 163 MW of capacity in North America. 
  • In June 2016, Black & Veatch announced a strategic partnership with Volta, an industry-leading provider of free sponsored electric vehicle charging stations. Together, they are working to expand the Volta network and address the growing need for cost-effective, commercially sustainable and scalable smart infrastructure.
  • For more information about clean transportation technology, go to

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