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New Black & Veatch eBook Explores Hybrid LNG and Ammonia Infrastructure

Ammonia-ready storage and transportation infrastructure will accelerate the zero-carbon energy landscape

As industry advances its efforts to decarbonize amid rising global demand for carbon-free energy sources, ammonia’s role in the green energy economy continues to take shape. To help navigate ammonia’s growing role, Black & Veatch today released its first eBook aimed at the oil and gas industry, Hybrid LNG & Ammonia Infrastructure: Key to a Green Economy.

Best known for its traditional role in fertilizer production, ammonia is rapidly gaining attention in other applications. Easily liquified for storage and transport in the same fashion as liquefied natural gas (LNG), ammonia can be used across energy-intensive industries in several ways: it can be burned directly as a carbon emissions-free energy source or cracked to produce hydrogen. 

Ammonia is a key player in facilitating the widespread use of hydrogen, a clean, zero-carbon fuel. The chemical properties of hydrogen make it technically and economically challenging to develop infrastructure for large-scale storage and transportation. But liquified ammonia is a desirable hydrogen carrier, plus proven methods of storage and transportation already exist at scale.

The Hybrid LNG & Ammonia Infrastructure: Key to a Green Economy eBook looks at how the world’s extensive network of existing LNG infrastructure can be made ammonia-ready, helping to facilitate safe, efficient transport while elevating ammonia’s role in the global energy trade.

In the free download, Black & Veatch explores how LNG and gas power plant owners and developers would be well-served to begin preparing now for their LNG receiving terminals and storage facilities to become ammonia-ready. By providing information on how to convert existing LNG import terminals and storage tanks to receive liquefied ammonia, the eBook offers a comprehensive look at storing and transporting ammonia, providing LNG and gas power plant owners and developers with a path forward to deliver on the promise of this versatile energy source.

“Decarbonizing our global economy will require a united effort, but new advances in technology are already reducing our reliance on fossil fuels for heating, transport, production of green chemicals, fertilizer, electricity generation and energy storage,” said Hoe Wai Cheong, president of Black & Veatch’s oil and gas business. “The supply chain for ammonia is currently underway, and now is the time to consider using the world’s extensive LNG infrastructure – its LNG receiving terminals and storage facilities – to facilitate the safe, efficient shipping of ammonia. Ammonia-ready storage and transportation infrastructure will be a catalyst for making ammonia a key player in the zero-carbon energy landscape.”


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