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New Black & Veatch eBook Navigates the ‘Digital Electricity’ Revolution

Free download explores creating a digital grid, data science, distributed generation and other issues to help utilities plan a resilient power supply

Intelligent devices and super-fast networks have turned electricity customers from isolated spectators to engaged players in a culture of energy transformation. With clicks on a smartphone or a finger-swipe on a tablet, the lights come on, the heat turns up, and our lives are put on a kind of energy cruise control. Sounds simple, right?

Digital electricity, however, is anything but easy. The connectivity we crave as customers and electricity providers is constantly reshaping and testing today’s electric grid, and it’s changing the way we plan for tomorrow. Aging infrastructure, higher amounts of renewable power entering the energy marketplace and emerging customer demand for more information about their consumption habits are pushing utilities to the limit.

To help navigate this revolution, Black & Veatch today released its new new ebook, “Digital Electricity.” It analyzes the changing landscape and offers a roadmap for utilities seeking to harness this new energy culture. In the free download, Black & Veatch explains how we’ve arrived at a digitally-driven grid, and considers the factors that shape how utilities serve customers – from the data that informs the monthly bill to the next-generation automation devices that will help grid managers accommodate the rising influx of green power sources.

The latest in a series of ebooks aimed at fast-tracking information on trends affecting power providers, “Digital Electricity” explores how utilities that use monitoring and automation technologies can unlock new efficiencies while maintaining security, and how utilities can profitably digitize their systems. With sections on communications networks, meeting customer expectations, distributed generation, distribution automation, operations, and data science, the book offers perspective that power providers can use to shape a grid that’s resilient and revenue-friendly, and capable of meeting customer demand.

“Change is happening across industries, but the electric grid is undergoing its most transformational shift in history. Utilities are replacing conventional generation with flexible energy resources,” said Jeff Mehlin, Associate Vice President of Private Networks for Black & Veatch’s telecommunications business. “This requires a dynamic, reactive network to respond to fluctuating power requirements in real-time, while ensuring reliability, efficiency, and security.”


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