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New Black & Veatch eBook Navigates the Global Shift to ‘One Digital World’

Free download explores the creation of a new digital world, one that is underpinned by flexible, reliable communications networks

Advanced communication networks are changing the way people interact with data, technology and one another. At no time in history has this been more apparent than during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is forcing entire communities to conduct much of their lives online, from classes to appointments and workdays.

Resilient, reliable networks are vital in today’s digital world, enabling the fully immersive experience we have come to expect through smart interfaces and new capabilities. Today’s society is linked by thousands of connected devices as mobile phones, GPS trackers and telehealth devices link us and collect volumes of data.

“This ability to create, share and analyze data has become the hallmark of our digital world,” said John Janchar, president of Black & Veatch’s telecommunications business. “Black & Veatch understands digital innovation because we have been at the forefront of these advances from the early days of 1G, through today’s push for 5G. Purpose-built communication networks help industries, businesses and communities thrive. These networks are designed to flex to changing conditions and scale alongside need, and they allow us to stay connected and productive even when our world stands still.”

To help navigate this evolution, Black & Veatch today released its new eBook, One Digital World, available as a free download. In the eBook, Black & Veatch examines how deploying advanced communication networks enables critical digitalization, helping to accelerate our digital future, particularly across mobility, community systems and grid modernization.

Backed by this digital foundation, businesses and communities can embrace flexibility and restructure operations from an interconnected, digital perspective. This will allow them to embrace flexibility and work in new ways to achieve a smarter, more efficient and more data-driven future state.

“Our digital world is fast-evolving, and it won’t be long before success is measured by how well an industry or community system applies digital innovation,” said Jenny Meegan, chief operating officer for Black & Veatch’s telecommunications business. “To thrive in this world, Black & Veatch has embraced innovation at the highest level. As we continue to look for new ways to work smarter, we are committed to bringing our clients along, and help them adapt and evolve. By enabling them to do more with less, we can all work towards a more resilient and reliable future that is agile in the face of disruption.”


Editor’s Notes:

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