Stewart Engineering, Eco-Site Embrace Black & Veatch’s COVOPERATE Application to Facilitate Safe, Secure Return to Operations | Black & Veatch

Stewart Engineering, Eco-Site Embrace Black & Veatch’s COVOPERATE Application to Facilitate Safe, Secure Return to Operations

Cloud-based application enhances return-to-office health and safety

As U.S. offices reopen and operations begin to normalize against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, two North Carolina-based companies have become the first to successfully implement Black & Veatch’s COVOPERATE workforce management application, powered by Field2Base.

A flexible, scalable cloud-based enterprise access management platform, COVOPERATE tracks and manages employees’ critical health data in conjunction with local and workplace access policies. COVOPERATE helps employers navigate the challenges of safely restoring operations impacted by COVID-19. The solution pairs effectively with Black & Veatch’s Rapid Modular Health System (RaMHS) modular screening and testing facilities to offer an integrated, long-term solution to health tracking.

Stewart Engineering, an engineering, design and planning firm in Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte, and Eco-Site, a wireless solutions provider headquartered in Morrisville, have implemented Black & Veatch’s COVOPERATE solution to help them navigate the complex operational challenges of returning to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

“By collecting specific employee health declaration information and allowing us to manage contact tracing within our organization, COVOPERATE quickly and easily allows us to manage site access and provide for consistent tracking of policy adherence,” said Willy Stewart, CEO and Chairman of Stewart Engineering. “This is getting our employees and field crews back to work in a safe, productive manner. As our needs continue to evolve, we are also investigating ways in which Black & Veatch’s RaMHS can serve as an additional asset to our business.”

“Black & Veatch has already demonstrated speed to market with their innovative COVOPERATE solution implementation,” said Dale Carey, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Eco-Site. “With Black & Veatch’s solutions at hand, we are confident that we can return to work in our building, normalizing operations even as we continue to prioritize and safeguard our employees’ health and safety.”

The COVOPERATE application relies on a series of automated scoring algorithms and health screening questions combined with in-person temperature checks and other safety protocols to generate an easily trackable “boarding pass” that helps evaluate whether professionals are clear to enter their workplaces or whether they require additional verification.

By digitizing this information and securely managing data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant and audited platform hosted by Field2Base, COVOPERATE helps a full range of organizations – from commercial and industrial businesses to education, government, manufacturing, healthcare and financial organizations – establish long-term solutions for enhanced individual safety and site access.

In addition, the data tracked by COVOPERATE also can help organizations manage event response scenarios by providing immediate, real-time access to labor workflow information, location validation and staffing resources.

“Black & Veatch worked closely with Field2Base to create a rapidly deployable solution in an easy-to-use format,” said Martin Travers, group president with Black & Veatch. “COVOPERATE and RaMHS offer an integrated, health tracking solution to help all organizations return to normal operations safely and productively as we continue to navigate the global impacts of COVID-19.”

A global leader in critical infrastructure services, Black & Veatch has worked swiftly to introduce several solutions that enable safer business operations throughout COVID-19. The Rapid Modular Health System (RaMHS) is a rapid deployment, modular structure that enables secure, confidential site-based screening and testing capabilities. COVOPERATE, powered by Field2Base, is an enterprise access management platform that tracks daily management of individual health status while delivering targeted access management controls for managers charged with the safe operation of any place of work or education.


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