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Bid Site Development Separately to Boost Project Quality, Speed and Value

Bid Site Development Separately to Boost Project Quality, Speed and Value

Procurement for land mobile radio (LMR) systems that provide emergency communications usually follows a standard process, whereby agencies, like municipalities and federal and state entities, prepare a single request for proposal (RFP) that covers all phases of the project. While this approach may seem efficient, it can lead to longer deployment times, higher implementation costs, more change orders, and reduced signal quality. For this reason, forward-thinking agencies are separating the site development phase from the RFP, choosing instead to contract directly with site development specialists like Black & Veatch. By engaging experts, agencies avoid the potential pitfalls of vendor outsourcing, says Paul Scutieri, Sales Director, Connected Communities. 

“One vendor authorized a change order on behalf of the customer because it seemed simple.” In this case, he says that a tower needed to be relocated to the opposite side of a road. “The soil conditions were very different at the new location, and they encountered corrosion, which in turn impacted signal quality."


Engaging site development experts through a separate RFP ensures timely, insightful and cost-effective site development, yielding several benefits:

Jump-Start Site Development. In a bundled contract, site development cannot start until the agency negotiates the LMR contract, often a lengthy process. A separate RFP allows the agency to get a head start on site development, which means the sites are ready when the agency awards the LMR contract, reducing project timelines. 

Eliminate Costly Change Orders. A separate RFP puts site-engineering experts in the driver’s seat of site development. Their specialized insight helps develop sites that are right the first time, reducing costly corrective change orders. 

Slash Project Costs. Contracting directly with site development experts eliminates the vendor markup attached to outsourced site development, which can be as high as 30 percent.

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Learn why engaging a site development expert directly is a deployment game-changer and can slash site development costs by 30 percent.

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