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Mobility – driven by data – is transforming transportation as we know it. Commuters, communities, and the enterprise are rethinking how we move people and products from where we are, to where we need to be. How do we create tomorrow’s transportation today?

Data Drives Us Towards a New Transportation Future

Cars, trucks and buses are to roadways as data is to the Internet. They move us to work, to family, to places unseen and opportunities unbound. But, for decades transportation has been one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. An ecosystem that is central to billions of lives across the globe has changed little in the past 75 years. Today a massive overhaul is underway as we improve technologies and deploy more sustainable and cost-effective ways to transport goods and people.

Underpinning this future is a sophisticated and interconnected power grid, ably managing the energy demands of a new generation of cars, public buses and fleet vehicles. Smart devices, 5G networks and data centers will handle the staggering amounts of data necessary to move autonomous vehicles from point A to point B.

EV adoption is moving fast. Don't get left behind.

Did you know: one autonomous vehicle can produce up to 2 terabytes of data daily — the equivalent of two Netflix-obsessed families’ monthly data consumption?

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity carries a profound promise to make our cities and roadways more integrated, sustainable and livable. Central to next-generation vehicles is the IoT revolution that uses data to manage energy demand of these various forms of transportation. As EV adoption, in particular, increases alongside distributed energy resources, utilities feel pressure to manage associated energy demand and disruptions, which emphasizes the urgency for a connected communications network.

Enabling the IoT future is critical to support our evolving approach to transportation that intertwines energy and data through innovations like EV charging stations, solar photovoltaics for energy generation, vehicle-grid integration, autonomous vehicles, and energy storage. As the line between energy, data and transportation blur, transformation in the auto sector means impact to critical infrastructure markets including power and communications. As for data, huge investments in communications technology to support the transit of this information will be important.

Widespread EV charging infrastructure will be foundational to fulfill the promise of zero-emissions transportation. But how do we accommodate the added demand of expansive, high-power charging and DER grid impacts simultaneously? Black & Veatch is working to help deliver on the promise of smarter transportation through electrification by partnering with industry-leading firms to drive EV adoption while managing its impact on the grid:

Industry-Leading Experience

Black & Veatch was selected to design and build large-scale EV charging systems for two prominent, leading EV original equipment manufacturers.

Public transportation and fleet vehicles are the next frontier for EV. Black & Veatch is partnering with a leading developer of electric buses to develop the unique and sizable charging infrastructure required for powering large fleets of mass transit vehicles.

One charging station provider Black & Veatch is working with monetizes IoT by remotely managing advertising and other information through digital kiosk charging stations. Drivers get free charging and brands get a new outlet to reach customers.


Who’s Driving Electric Vehicle Charging?

Electric vehicle adoption is moving fast. Market potential is high, and timing is critical. Utility, automaker, regulator and technology integrator collaboration is needed to manage widespread EV charging impacts. Complete the form to download our 2018 Electric Vehicle report, which highlights each stakeholder’s role in advancing EV adoption and a new energy ecosystem.

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