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Developing Bankable Gas Projects in Asia

Developing Bankable Gas Projects in Asia

Expanding variable renewable energy resources while boosting the reliability of Asia Pacific’s electric grid requires the use of integrated solutions, including gas-fired generation, to accelerate a successful energy transition.

Our new eBook, Natural Gas: An Energy Transition Fuel for Asia Pacific, identifies opportunities for innovation and lowering energy system emissions, and illustrates how cost efficiencies can be achieved by planning through the entire current and future natural gas value chain.

Managing and reducing project risks at inception and throughout the development and delivery of the multiple gas project assets is critical to improving project bankability.

Price volatility, supply uncertainty, vessel availability, and disruption of shipping routes are a few key underlying factors that can lead to project management challenges. Cargo planning and scheduling, commercial contracts management and consumption pattern changes form the other set of factors that developers can better control.

These factors make managing risks associated with the gas supply chain a complex task, which requires real time monitoring and calibration efforts related with project management activities during the entire lifecycle of the project.

A well-developed analytical model, addressing quantitative and qualitative aspects of the gas supply chain can help to achieve this broad view.

Holistic project planning can also present opportunities to co-locate and integrate LNG receiving terminals alongside gas-fired power plants as well as other off-takers of ‘cold energy’ including data centers, refrigeration facilities, cold chain solution providers, pharmaceutical companies, and businesses engaged in the production, capture and reuse of water, while also designing for the longer-term combustion of green hydrogen at gas-fired power facility.

Download the Natural Gas: An Energy Transition Fuel for Asia eBook to learn about the various components included in multi-layered analytical models

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