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Emerging Trends in the Commercial and Industrial Sector

In an effort to explore some of the factors reshaping business, Black & Veatch recently polled hundreds of professionals in the commercial and industrial sector to identify emerging trends in resource use with a focus on sustainability, capital spending and energy and water management trends within their organizations.

The 2019 Strategic Directions: Commercial & Industrial Report analyzes these industry insights and the impacts of advances in technology, consumer behavior and economics. 

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Over the past five years, amid a period of profound technological transformation in the energy and data management space, organizations have focused on operations and labor to maximize the profit they can generate on the actual products they make. But the outlook for the next five years reflects an interesting shift.  

The changing energy landscape is prodding businesses to rethink how they use and manage electricity. 

With start-up electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers and even old guard automakers announcing ambitious plans to develop zero-emissions medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, the transportation industry is on the brink of a major transformation.

 Network problems, IT system failures and hosting disruptions are significant reasons for data center outages. The biggest culprit, though, remains interrupted power supply, according to research from the Uptime Institute.

From food safety and regulatory compliance to packaging and supply chain logistics, the food and beverage industry is constantly hunting for solutions that balance profitability and sustainability. With market share increasingly on the line – particularly for large consumer goods companies – food and beverage companies are being squeezed to analyze every cost.

Few appreciate the cost of water like commercial facilities and industrial manufacturers. Many of them are selling a product that requires water as part of the larger infrastructure setup that ultimately results in consumer goods. 

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