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Water pipes at a wastewater facility
Water and Wastewater: Addressing Funding Challenges
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As water and wastewater utilities are challenged to minimize rate increases while balancing limited budgets – complicated by deferred maintenance, chronic underinvestment and compliance mandates – one solution to consider is the public-private partnership (PPP) model.
mining plant
Mining Companies: Sharing Resources with Integrated Infrastructure
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Traditionally, mining companies have built their own infrastructure at greenfield sites, and due to necessity, constructed their own supporting “pit to port” infrastructure, including power and water supply schemes, roads and railways. However, as a result of growing cost pressures and increasing capital to build new greenfield operations, a trend is developing, whereby mining companies are seeking opportunities to share resources to save on expenses.
water plant
Energy and Water Challenges: Helping Mining Companies Reduce Risk, Lower Costs
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Over the past few years, low commodity prices have forced mining companies to take a hard look at how they run their operations – particularly their use of energy and water.
fertilizer plant
Thermal Hydrolysis: Boosting Biogas Production and Biosolids for Fertilizer
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Thermal hydrolysis is an advanced wastewater solids conditioning process that boasts both financial and sustainable environmental advantages. With the process in wide usage across the UK, it is now starting to gain traction in the U.S., as wastewater utilities analyze whether their facilities would make a good candidate.
gas processing plant
Gasification: The New Rising Star in Waste-to-Energy
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The waste-to-energy market has long been associated with incineration and, more recently, the process of anaerobic digestion. However, when it comes to turning waste into electricity, there is a new kid on the block: gasification.
electric utilities tools
Electric Utilities: Preparing for New Roles in the Smart City Transformation
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Electric utilities are facing a need and opportunity to transform their business due to the bidirectional nature of distributed generation and energy storage. This is just one of several fundamental changes that the smart cities movement is driving to reshape how fundamental services are delivered and managed.
electric vehicle charging station
Fuel Cell Vehicles: First Hydrogen Fueling Network Stretches Across California
Publish date:
It’s the classic chicken-or-the-egg question. If attempting to revolutionize the auto industry, do you introduce the car or the supporting infrastructure first? For Joel Ewanick, the answer was obvious – get the infrastructure in place.
The Importance of Corporate Reputation Management
Publish date:

Smart organizations today undertake all reasonable actions to manage risk. There are safety and security protocols, maintenance requirements, monitoring and diagnostics, quality control, regulatory standards and more. In spite of preventive measures, at some point, all organizations will likely endure the harsh reality of Murphy’s Law: “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

Smart Water Programs Seek to Uncover Data for Improved Operations
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Water and wastewater systems use hundreds and sometimes thousands of data-producing instruments, but

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