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Energy Planning Offers Efficiency, Cost Savings, Resilience Down the Road
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As energy costs continue to rise and more states adopt regulatory incentives and disincentives that drive large-scale sustainability and efficiency efforts, it is expected that utilities will become more aggressive in their approach to managing energy. 
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New Advances in Zero Emissions Vehicles Offer Promise for Work Fleets
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With start-up electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers and even old guard automakers announcing ambitious plans to develop zero-emissions medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, the transportation industry is on the brink of a major transformation.
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Technology, Trading Offer Opportunity for Managing Nutrient Discharge
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The runoff of phosphate and nitrogen from farming, stormwater, wastewater treatment plant discharges and other sources into waterbodies continues to unbalance ecosystems, resulting in toxic algal blooms and hypoxic dead zones.
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Commercial, industrial manufacturers press for sustainability, rethink energy options
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The changing energy landscape is prodding businesses to rethink how they use and manage electricity, and 3M Co.’s aggressive shift to renewable energy illustrates that thirst for sustainability.
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The Evolution of Project Delivery: The How and Why
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Utilities have plenty of large projects ahead: new pipelines, sewer lines, pump stations, reservoirs and more. In commissioning these initiatives, non-traditional delivery methods are gaining ground.
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Sustainability and Automation: Two Megatrends Reshaping the Commercial & Industrial Space
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$10 trillion dollars. If you run, work for, or are seeking to invest in a global company, this is a figure that should be top of mind. $10 trillion is larger than the annual GDP of all but two of the world’s economies. $10 trillion is nearly double the market cap of the Dow Jones Industrial Average companies. And yet, $10 trillion is just a fraction of the financial might working to transform how companies view and invest in sustainability.
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Predictive Maintenance Offers Promise in Asset Management
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Water utilities the world over are faced with challenges, including increasing demand, falling revenues and climate change. While building new assets remains part of the solution, enhancing the performance of existing assets is more important than ever before.
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Let's Embrace Distributed Infrastructure to Decrease Power Outages
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Data Center operators and businesses need predictability in their power supplies. Their infrastructure has to operate regardless of grid stability, weather conditions and other factors that threaten their systems. The biggest culprit remains interrupted power supply.
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5 Investments Utilities Can Make to Remain Happily Married to Ratepayers
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In a 100-home subdivision, a homeowners’ association recently increased its annual dues by $1,560 per single-family residence, a 130-percent spike over the year before. Not a single homeowner objected.
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The Stormwater Resilience Roadmap: Integration of Delivery Frameworks and Financial Capacity
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The 2019 Strategic Directions: Water Report highlights the tangible value of integrating delivery frameworks and user fee-funding mechanisms as a practical path to long-term resilience.
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This Technology Puts More Power in the Hands of Self-Generators
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Data is power. And once operators of commercial and industrial properties have the technology to track their daily use of electricity—down to the minute—they’re going to use the literal form of power only when they need it. For electric utilities, that spells less revenue. Even less when those customers start to, or increase, generation of their own power.
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Rain or Shine: Resilience Needs a Little More Attention
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Both floods and droughts impact water systems, and water providers are focused on hardening their systems to withstand these natural events, as well as manmade threats. Are water utilities doing the right things to drive toward resilience?
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Advanced technologies have the potential to profoundly change the face of mining forever
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The digital revolution is happening. Advanced technologies that blend hardware and software with Big Data – a combination of automation, Wi-Fi sensor technologies, cloud-based systems and data analytics – have the potential to profoundly change the face of mining forever.
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Water Utilities Urged to Exploit Data, Use Less Guesswork
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Data is changing the game in the infrastructure space, giving operators better oversight of their assets without needing to religiously follow the manufacturer's maintenance bible.
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Amid Climate Change Worries, the Question: What to do With Too Much Water?
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How can water utilities and those entrusted to oversee them do more, sometimes with less, to mitigate against mega-storms already proven to outmatch legacy conveyance and storage strategies?

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