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Power outage data center teaser image
Let's Embrace Distributed Infrastructure to Decrease Power Outages
Publish date:
Data Center operators and businesses need predictability in their power supplies. Their infrastructure has to operate regardless of grid stability, weather conditions and other factors that threaten their systems. The biggest culprit remains interrupted power supply.
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This Technology Puts More Power in the Hands of Self-Generators
Publish date:
Data is power. And once operators of commercial and industrial properties have the technology to track their daily use of electricity—down to the minute—they’re going to use the literal form of power only when they need it. For electric utilities, that spells less revenue. Even less when those customers start to, or increase, generation of their own power.
Distributed Energy Integration Teaser Image
5 Investments Utilities Can Make to Remain Happily Married to Ratepayers
Publish date:
In a 100-home subdivision, a homeowners’ association recently increased its annual dues by $1,560 per single-family residence, a 130-percent spike over the year before. Not a single homeowner objected.
Stormwater Resilience teaser image
The Stormwater Resilience Roadmap: Integration of Delivery Frameworks and Financial Capacity
Publish date:
The 2019 Strategic Directions: Water Report highlights the tangible value of integrating delivery frameworks and user fee-funding mechanisms as a practical path to long-term resilience.
Rain or shine teaser image
Rain or Shine: Resilience Needs a Little More Attention
Publish date:
Both floods and droughts impact water systems, and water providers are focused on hardening their systems to withstand these natural events, as well as manmade threats. Are water utilities doing the right things to drive toward resilience?
Cyber security teaser image
Advanced technologies have the potential to profoundly change the face of mining forever
Publish date:
The digital revolution is happening. Advanced technologies that blend hardware and software with Big Data – a combination of automation, Wi-Fi sensor technologies, cloud-based systems and data analytics – have the potential to profoundly change the face of mining forever.
Water meets new energy teaser image
Water Meets "New Energy": Surging Renewables Has Utilities Eyeing Alternative Power Sources
Publish date:
Water and wastewater plant operators are embracing "master plans" meant to optimize their energy use, which unlike labor and chemical costs is something they can influence.
Water report graphic teaser image
The Data to Water Connection
Publish date:
The 2019 Water Report explores the issues and complexities impacting today's water landscape. Water remains a challenge for far too many communities around the globe.
Water drop teaser
Water Utilities Urged to Exploit Data, Use Less Guesswork
Publish date:
Data is changing the game in the infrastructure space, giving operators better oversight of their assets without needing to religiously follow the manufacturer's maintenance bible.
Climate change
Amid Climate Change Worries, the Question: What to do With Too Much Water?
Publish date:
How can water utilities and those entrusted to oversee them do more, sometimes with less, to mitigate against mega-storms already proven to outmatch legacy conveyance and storage strategies?
Water teaser image
From Internet of Things to Internet of Water: How Integrated Data Can Help Stop "Day Zero"
Publish date:
From scarcity in South Africa to flood control in the United States, many believe that a smarter infrastructure, with data at its core, will be key to overcoming the many threats to our water supply.
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Advances in Mobility & Data Promise to Transform the Future of Mining
Publish date:
Today’s mining industry has reason to be optimistic, with the global appetite for increased connectivity, mobility, smart infrastructure and low-emissions transportation driving demand for metal resources. Following the adage, “If it is not grown, it is mined,” the mining sector is playing a starring role in building this futuristic society of tomorrow by providing steel for driverless cars, copper for mobile devices, and lithium, nickel, cobalt and vanadium for batteries.
5G teaser image
Tech-Blazing 5G
Publish date:
5G could propel digitalization across industries, but making this jump requires technology trailblazing. While technology selection and construction could vary greatly among carriers, there are five technologies that are getting a lot of 5G buzz.
Digitally connected fiber teaser image
Telecommunications Infrastructure is the Key Enabler of Connected Communities
Publish date:
The cyber and real worlds are profoundly linked in a connected community, which is why communities are developing their foundational digital infrastructure as a first step.
DER teaser image
Is the Energy Market Finally Ready For DER?
Publish date:
Similar to the way that music services like Spotify and YouTube give artists a platform to share and monetize their product without the oversight of a record company, a DER marketplace can have the same impact on our electric grid.

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