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Improving Quality of Life for Over 1.9 Million People

Black & Veatch Provides A-E and Construction Management Services to the West Bank and Gaza Through the USAID Infrastructure Needs Program II

Project Name
West Bank and Gaza, Infrastructure Needs Program II (INP II)
West Bank, Gaza
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Performing international infrastructure development work requires a combination of technical competence and local expertise. Black & Veatch delivered USAID both through its A-E and Construction Management services on the West Bank/Gaza Infrastructure Needs Program II (INP II).

The program’s goal was to support the Palestinian National Authority in its efforts to promote economic growth, create jobs and improve quality of life for citizens. With a team that was 97 percent Palestinian, Black & Veatch had the opportunity to develop the skills of Palestinian firms and professionals through on-site mentoring and training. This, in addition to our active performance on dozens of projects working closely with USAID West Bank Gaza (WBG), the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and the Palestinian Water Authority, fully demonstrates our ability to provide engineering design work internationally and under unique challenges, while also helping our clients achieve their economic goals.

Tangible Benefits

Water and Wastewater Storage and Transmission

Installed 390 km of pipelines, 15km of sewers, 9km of stormwater drains, 27,000 m3 of water storage in 17 water reservoirs and a SCADA monitoring system in all new installations.

Water Supply and Treatment

Rehabilitated four wells and designed a 2,400 m3/day Seawater Desalination Plant extension with a photovoltaic roof panel to reduce the electricity demand from the local power grid.

Operations & Maintenance

Developed and installed a management system allowing the West Bank Water Department to improve the sustainability of installed assets.

Economic Development

Relayed or reconstructed over 210 km of roads in the West Bank through work with both local Palestinian landowners and Israeli administrative authorities.


Designed a school extension that will enable the transition from a single gender school to a mixed gender school.


Provided over 19,000 jobs in the West Bank and Gaza, benefitting nearly 300,000 Palestinians.

The program is recognized for providing significant development opportunities for its local staff, as well as creating overall improvements in the design, construction and safety practices of the West Bank and Gaza.

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