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Strategic Directions Reports

Strategic Directions Reports

The annual Strategic Directions Report series offers analysis and insights into key issues and trends facing the smart cities and utilities, electric, natural gas, and water utility sectors. Drawing insights from industry leaders from around the globe, we dive into immediate and long-term market needs ranging from asset management and infrastructure financing to resilience planning and data analytics. This annual examination allows Black & Veatch to continually measure industry progress, market shifts and emerging challenges to drive infrastructure transformation. 

2019 Strategic Directions Electric Report

2019 Electric Report

13 August 2019


It’s one of the most dynamic times in the history of power supply, given such things as rising demand for clean, sustainable energy and electric vehicles. Across diverse geographies, utilities are facing opportunities – and deep challenges – in meeting social and economic goals linked to the reliable, resilient supply of quality power. With expert analyses and results of a survey of nearly 900 electric industry stakeholders, Black & Veatch’s coming 2019 Strategic Directions: Electric Report dissects the changing face of power and why the industry must be nimble and begin in planning necessary upgrades.


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Our Strategic Directions Reports have been conducted since 2006, working to capture the industry’s viewpoint concerning ongoing issues facing our clients and business partners. In addition to graphical interpretation of survey results, our full reports provide expert analysis, recommendations and actionable intelligence for overcoming the growing challenges facing each industry.

If you'd like to access any of our previous reports, please visit our archives.

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