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China Export Model Brochure teaser image
China Export Model Brochure

The cost difference between Chinese versus non-Chinese manufactured equipment can make a significant difference in decisions involving the overall budget of an infrastructure project.

Desalination Brochure Teaser Image
Desalinización Brochure - Spanish

Experiencia de primer nivel en todos los tipos de desalinización: agua de mar, agua salobre y reutilización de aguas residuales.

Enabling Smart, Sustainable Cities Brochure teaser image
Enabling Smart, Sustainable Cities Brochure

Black & Veatch delivers integrated smart technology solutions to help cities and communities make the most important decisions, drive more efficient services, and provide the best possible citizen experience. 

Public Safety Consulting Brochure teaser image
Public Safety Consulting Brochure

As experts in the full lifecycle of communication systems for public safety agencies, we provide high-quality, independent expertise at every step of the way for our clients.

Sustainable Enterprise Solutions Brochure teaser image
Sustainable Enterprise Solutions Brochure

How do you comprehensively meet energy, water, circular economy and other sustainability goals? Black & Veatch works in partnership with clients to deliver sustainable solutions that build value through services, products and operations that integrate economic, community and environmental needs.

FLNG Solutions Brochure teaser image
FLNG Solutions Brochure

Backed by performance guarantees and proven production, our FLNG technology solutions are ideal for offshore and near-shore LNG applications.

LNG Industry June 2018 Article: Too Much of a Good Thing
LNG Industry June 2018 Article: Too Much of a Good Thing

The LNG industry continues to grow. Regulatory changes in China, for example, significantly increased the use of LNG and natural gas resources during the 2017 – 2018 winter months. As a result, new gas supplies from unconventional gas sources are increasing. Many of these unconventional sources contain higher amounts of nitrogen than more traditional gas streams. While nitrogen is an inert gas and constitutes the majority of the Earth’s atmosphere, it can cause problems such as low fuel heating value and flame lift at the burner tip if present in high concentrations in natural gas. LNG with a high nitrogen content can also have more of a propensity to ‘roll over’ while being stored, which produces high rates of evolved gas for a short period of time. To prevent such issues, most LNG products have a maximum nitrogen specification of 1%. When unconventional feed gas is used for an LNG facility, it may be necessary to incorporate a nitrogen rejection unit (NRU) into the facility to meet this specification.

Feeding the Flames of Opportunity teaser image
Feeding the Flames of Opportunity: LNG Industry August 2018 Article

Even amid a perceived oversupplied global LNG market, production that is showing no sign of easing has countries with abundant reserves poised to raise their output, hoping to satisfy an increasing worldwide appetite for cleaner energy. One after the other, but ever so slowly, countries are building out their onshore LNG infrastructures or floating terminals, at times helped financially by producers and traders eager to bring natural gas to global markets where funding for such projects may be lacking.

Advanced Work Packaging Brochure teaser image
Advanced Work Packaging Brochure

Effective AWP Implementation leads to an increase in time-on-tools and optimized results for safety, quality, and productivity. Early collaboration with owners, suppliers, and trade partners contributes to efficient project execution.

About Black & Veatch Brochure teaser image
About Black & Veatch Brochure

We provide our clients global experience and local resources to solve complex challenges in power, oil and gas, water and communications infrastructure. 

Construction Solutions Brochure teaser image
Construction Solutions Brochure

Clients value our ability to understand the critical connection between engineering and construction, and the need for both to work closely together. Today, we offer both union and open shop construction solutions with the expertise, commitment, and reliable execution to meet each project’s specific requirements.

PFAS Treatment and Remediation Brochure teaser image
PFAS Treatment and Remediation Brochure

Harmful pollutants, and limited industry research and funding continue to challenge how agencies can deliver a reliable water supply. Partnering with an organization with extensive applied experience in PFAS contamination and other emerging health-related concerns can help develop best-in-class solutions for water treatment. Download this fact sheet and case study detailing Black & Veatch's role in PFAS mitigation.

California SB 100 Law Teaser Image
California’s SB 100 Law: Opportunities and Challenges of Moving to 100% Clean Energy

A slide deck presentation on California’s SB 100 Law: Opportunities and Challenges of Moving to 100% Clean Energy.

Proven Solar PV Solutions Brochure teaser image
Proven Solar PV Solutions Brochure

Providing sustainable solar energy solutions for every stage of your project's life cycle. Development, financing, EPC, asset management and advisory leadership.

Operations & Maintenance Services Brochure teaser image
Operations & Maintenance Services Brochure

Utilities are in the middle of a significant shift in the Energy Markets. Increased renewables, distributed assets, aging infrastructure and work force and increasing regulatory requirements combine to create real challenges in balancing reliability and financial performance.


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