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2021: Market Dynamics of Hydrogen eBook

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Hydrogen is a carbonless fuel that perfectly complements—and even accelerates— the integration of renewables and the electrification of end-users to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases. As a result, hydrogen increasingly is viewed as a critical element in the decarbonization of energy production and as an exportable means of energy storage.

To help move hydrogen along its course, Black & Veatch’s 2021: Market Dynamics of Hydrogen eBook examines the market forces and cost considerations surrounding this technology. Understanding these market dynamics will help energy producers and consumers alike take an active role in making hydrogen a viable low- to no-carbon energy solution in the future.

What's in this ebook:

  • The Expansive Hydrogen Ecosystem
  • Decarbonizing Transportation Through Hydrogen
  • Hard-to-Abate Industries
  • Power Generation
  • Energy Storage: Batteries and Hydrogen Are Complements, Not Competitors
  • Ammonia is a Key Player in the Hydrogen Revolution

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