Ammonia for Energy: A Green Hydrogen Catalyst for APAC? | Black & Veatch

Ammonia for Energy: A Green Hydrogen Catalyst for APAC?

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Hydrogen (H2) has emerged — with its potential as a low or zero emissions fuel source — as a critical consideration for energy producers and providers, large intensive users of energy as well as governments planning to achieve a sustainable future. In turn, and often less discussed, Ammonia (NH3) is one of the front runners to transport hydrogen by ship throughout maritime Asia Pacific.

This ebook serves as an introduction to Ammonia’s role in the energy equation, for new investors in ammonia infrastructure and highlights a number of areas for further investigation and discussion such as often overlooked importance of water management, co-firing of ammonia at power generation facility , and the potential of reducing the carbon foot print of food (fertilizers), itself a source of energy.

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