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Avoid Risk: 4 Ways to Prepare Data Centers for Rising Rack Density

4 Ways to Prepare Data Centers for Rising Rack Density eBook Download Teaser Image

Today’s digital world and its promises of on-demand access and information in real-time are revolutionizing how companies conduct business and serve their customers. It’s what’s driving organizations to pack in more computing power into their data centers to deliver the expected customer experience and evolve with real time data analytics and automation.

As rack density and heat output climb, so can utility costs and the labor required to maintain multiple cooling systems associated with higher-density systems. However, there are corrective actions companies can take to offset additional costs and maintenance before adding more cooling equipment.

What's in this eBook:

  • Conduct a CFD analysis
  • Optimize existing space
  • Retrofit raised-floor environment
  • Deploy effective power distribution

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