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Expanding Transmission to Accelerate Asia’s Renewable Integration eBook

Expanding Transmission to Accelerate Asia’s Renewable Integration ebook download image

Renewable energy integration challenges create opportunities — and arguably a necessity — to expand and invest in higher quality transmission and distribution systems that improve the efficiency, resiliency and reliability of supply and balance the variability of renewable sources. A reliable grid, keeping pace with the growth of decentralized power, will help to optimize generation and enhance grid stability.

With multiple moving parts in a regional energy transition increasing grid management complexities, digitalization of the grid will be necessary to address the rapidly changing landscape of Asia’s power industry.

What's in this eBook:

  • Key approaches for different phases of renewable energy projects and insights into transmission expansion strategies that will accelerate renewable integration in Asia.
  • An outline of design expertise and skill sets needed to modernize Asia's transmission system.
  • Key technologies to accelerate Asia's renewable energy integration.

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