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Scaling Up for Large Fiber Deployments in Resource Challenged Times

Fiber Broadband Association Webinar

Over the past year and a half, the pandemic has wreaked havoc on supply chains across the world. In the engineering and construction space, in particular, building materials are still in short supply. The current situation has been especially difficult for businesses with complex supply chains, as their production is vulnerable to disruption. In addition, new federal broadband grants are bringing more fiber deployment projects to the market than ever before. The current labor shortages throughout the industry which will be further stressed with the additional demand of new projects funded and planned for market deployment. It can be hard to fathom how to navigate successful completion of any large-scale infrastructure project as resource deficiencies and supply-chain issues are significant and widespread. It takes thoughtful planning, collaboration and partnerships to embark on expansive fiber deployments during these resource-challenged times.

How can companies overcome the disruption and supply chain woes? This webinar will discuss the significant growth of the fiber market and solutions to help effectively manage scalability, construction resource challenges and logistics while adhering to strict timeline demands. In our recent webinar with the Fiber Broadband Association, Black & Veatch and Wesco outline the benefits of a solid Program Management Office (PMO) structure to ensure your projects can scale effectively and how to plan for the gaps in resources and equipment availability to ensure fiber deployment success.

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