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Fleet Decarbonization: Future States Webinar

Fleet Decarbonization: Future States Webinar teaser image

Smart planning includes future thinking. As we plan for today’s zero-emission fleets, we can also plan for future states that will create more cost predictability and energy resilience – and even opportunities to create revenue. With a modernized electric grid, we can open the vehicle-to-grid energy exchange. With connected everything, we’ll have options as to where we source our energy, and at what times, to ensure you always have and use the lowest cost power.

Fleet and facility power could also be connected to the grid and sold to create additional revenue streams. Join BV’s industry-leading transportation experts for an introduction to future states.

Topics of this webinar:

  • Alternative energy sources ​
  • Future V2G capabilities ​
  • Monetization of energy ​
  • Autonomous fleets

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