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Future-Ready Commercial Facilities

Companies are increasingly interested in occupying green buildings to help them decarbonize their operations. Through green development and retrofits, investors, developers and building owners can divest from carbon-heavy assets and focus on in-demand green-certified structures. Sustainable structures lower operational costs, slash carbon footprints and speed corporate and community decarbonization, creating a win-win for everyone.

Black & Veatch’s Future-Ready Commercial Facilities eBook discusses sustainable systems, technologies, and approaches that help developers, investors and building owners plan and design green buildings to stay ahead of the net-zero curve. This eBook shares essential guidance on:

  • Zero-Emission Transportation

  • Integrated Water/Reuse

  • Resilient, Decarbonized Energy

  • Communications and Digital Technologies

  • Sound Planning to Optimize Return on Investment

  • Environmental Considerations – Integration of Sustainable Principles

Future-Ready Commercial Facilities

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Future-Ready Commercial Facilities

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