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Hybrid LNG & Ammonia Infrastructure: Key to a Green Economy

Hybrid LNG & Ammonia Infrastructure: Key to a Green Economy download teaser image

As the world continues to shift towards decarbonization in chemical production, and strong market demand drives the transition to carbon-free energies, ammonia’s role in the green energy economy continues to expand. Best known for its traditional role in fertilizer production, ammonia is gaining attention in other applications.

Black & Veatch helps clients at every stage of the process de-risk investments and scale solutions that meet budget constraints, expectations for return on investments and navigate complex regulations.

What's in this ebook:

  • Converting LNG Import Terminals to Ammonia Import Terminals
  • Converting LNG Storage Tanks to Ammonia Storage Tanks
  • Designing Ammonia-Ready LNG Import Terminals
  • Designing Ammonia-Ready LNG Storage Tanks

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