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LNG: Fueling the Future

Future of LNG

Increased investment in renewables, nuclear, and other new energy solutions has created an extremely competitive landscape as the world moves toward zero emission and sustainable energy sources. However, during this period of transition, we still need to provide cost-effective energy sources. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is leading the charge as the transition fuel for a low-carbon future and meeting increased demand for reliable, baseload fuels around the globe.

Whether it’s used for power generation, transportation, or industrial applications, LNG remains a cleaner-burning fossil fuel that: improves energy efficiency, reduces emissions, has a lower cost of carbon capture, and enables renewable energy integration. In this eBook we examine the role LNG will play in the future of the global energy landscape and the technology developments that enable it, and how it must scale beyond its current production capacity to meet incremental decarbonization goals in the near and long term.

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