Precision Deployment of High Capacity Fiber Networks Webinar | Black & Veatch

Precision Deployment of High Capacity Fiber Networks Webinar

The demand for fiber optic connectivity and bandwidth capacity has become a national priority. Legislation, funding and planning are moving ahead, but this is only the beginning of deploying sufficient fiber capacity across the US. To the service providers, engineers, construction crews, equipment providers and associated permitting and approval agencies, the journey has only just begun.

The challenges of deploying fiber networks along right-of-way’s has allowed for innovative solutions to enter the transportation market. Micro-trenching new, smaller fiber optic cables within advance micro-duct structures is an innovative construction process. This webinar will discuss micro-trenching as a fiber deployment solution and methodology that can address several deployment challenges compared to traditional underground fiber optic construction methods. Black & Veatch, Corning and Duraline will outline the main benefits of using this innovative technology, including improved construction schedules, avoidance of environmental challenges and reduced permitting requirements.

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