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PRICO-EX Brochure

Black & Veatch has been a leader in the use of mixed refrigerant for demanding natural gas liquefaction (<-260°F) applications for 40+ years. Simplicity, ease of operation, flexibility and low equipment count are hallmarks of the well-proven PRICO® process. Today, Black & Veatch’s patent-pending PRICO-EX® process combines the simplicity of a single mixed refrigerant with an innovative methane removal technique to deliver enhanced value compared to conventional technologies.

Offering the in-depth, independent outlook of a seasoned EPC leader, Black & Veatch turns opportunities missed into opportunities gained, adding value to our clients’ businesses. Backed by years of process design, engineering, procurement, and construction services experience for projects worldwide, Black & Veatch has the expertise to handle all aspects of your project to create exceptional value for you.

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