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The Value of Water for Mining Operations Webinar

As water scarcity rises and calls for water stewardship heighten, questions about the value of water and the ways in which we use it arise. In mining, water is used in a variety of ways including in processing ore, in watering mining roads and in suppressing dust. As the mining industry works to become more sustainable, it must reevaluate water use practices and reconsider the valuation of water within the industry.

The Value of Water for Mining Operations

In this webinar, experts from Black & Veatch’s mining business discuss developing an integrated method of estimating changes in cost of water over time. Our experts consider various factors such as availability, environmental, regulatory, social, reputation, water rights, sustainability, governance and climate change and also to changes in mining plan/LOM, greenfields, expansion, closure and operations that affect the value of water.  Further, it dives into and explores the four categories (Practical, Risk, Water Balance & Water Plan over LOM) that are used as inputs to inform business decision making for the full lifecycle and asset portfolio of water at a mining operation.

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