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Our approach to Asset Management is aligned with international standards and underpinned by digital tools and data analytics; to support distributed, interconnected and intelligent infrastructure in markets around the world.

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Utilities, and other commercial and industrial organizations, sit at the convergence of a technology revolution impacting both distributed and centralized assets, as well as complex business processes. When combined with the persistent challenges of aging infrastructure, an aging workforce and increasing regulatory requirements, operational leaders need to reduce risk while improving financial performance and infrastructure resilience. This is achieved through the coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from its assets.

We recognize that the most effective asset management is founded not just on digital tools and data, but on best practice and the knowledge of our people who understand the physical infrastructure and have expertise across its entire lifecycle.

At the leading-edge of asset management

Well-managed assets are central to reduced risk, and optimized performance against operational and financial targets. Utilities and other distributed organizations understand this intuitively, because the services they provide are founded upon large, physical asset bases. But the need for leading-edge asset management is also extending beyond utilities to a host of organizations, from across the commercial and government spectrum, driven in part by the growth in distributed power generation.

The best asset management programs come from partners with proven expertise in the planning, design, construction and operation of power and water infrastructure, as well as the telecommunications network connectivity upon which assets covering large sites or distributed locations rely.

Our clients benefit from our ability to deliver support at the strategic and tactical level throughout the organization. We offer analytics tools, and provide the direct operations and maintenance capabilities to implement critical strategies and tactics on the ground. Experts in every point in the asset lifecycle are at the heart of ensuring an optimal, whole-life asset performance program.

Reliable & Proven

Our clients have trusted us for more than 50 years to deliver environmental and technological innovation.

One Partner

We guide you through every stage of grid modernization from master planning to operational analytics, integrating genuine expertise to solve both telecommunications and electrical grid challenges together.

Our Insights. Your Success.

Our team’s complementary experience working with and for utilities brings a hands-on perspective to help you focus on your business and make better technical, operational and financial decisions at every step of your journey.

Digital transformation

We’re leading the digital transformation for critical infrastructure clients seeking greater efficiency, sustainability and bottom-line performance. The digital revolution underpins our approach to leading-edge, strategic asset management. This helps provide the data necessary to develop a clear understanding of the asset base’s constituent parts, how they perform individually and interact collectively. A focus on digital transformation also lets our clients turn their data into meaningful and actionable information that can shape strategic asset management and proactive maintenance interventions on the ground.

We believe that the most effective digital transition is founded not just on digital tools and data, but on the deep institutional knowledge of people who understand the asset base across the infrastructure lifecycle. Sensors, monitoring and analytics are of limited use without the insights of the people who are intimate with how assets are designed, built and behave.

There is a cost to capturing, storing and accessing data. We excel in defining the data that best supports your organization’s goals – and focus on ensuring that data collected is of sufficient quality to deliver value.

Sensors gather data; but expertise from a cross-section of engineering, operations and maintenance disciplines will be necessary to interpret the data patterns and recognise what failure and optimum performance look like. Digital tools are incomplete unless embedded directly into a full solution developed by infrastructure experts – we help our clients achieve the right blend of machine learning and human learning to make this happen.

Client benefit from the fullest possible range of technology options. We can offer our own proprietary monitoring and analytics tools, as well as those offered by our numerous strategic technology partners, or we can support third-party alternatives. Our goal always remains the same, to add value and reduce client risk by identifying the technologies which offer real-world benefits and speed-to-value.

Through compliance with, and certification to, the ISO 55000 suite of asset management standards an enterprise can demonstrate to customers, regulators and other stakeholders that it has effective asset management policies functioning throughout the organisation. It is a clear demonstration of our top-to-bottom, full asset lifecycle understanding of asset management, that we are an Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Endorsed Assessor for ISO 55000.

Asset Management Achievements

  • Black & Veatch implemented one of the UK water industry’s largest lean reliability centred maintenance programs.
  • One of the world’s first water utility digital twins was created by Black & Veatch.
  • The world’s first airport to achieve PAS 55 compliance was supported by Black & Veatch.
  • As an IAM Endorsed Assessor and Trainer Black & Veatch has performed 14 assessments during the last five years and implemented multiple asset management programs, including for California DWR.
  • Over $30B in capital funding prioritized for clients using Black & Veatch’s optimization process and tool.
  • Completed CMMS implementations for over 500 utility systems in the US and Canada. Expertise in over 7 major CMMS platforms including Gold Level Implementation Partner Status for Cityworks AMS.
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