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Asset Management

Advisory Services

Strategic consultancy support to help clients structure successful strategic asset management programs

Advisory Services

Sustainability, capital planning, operational performance, crisis management - organizations across the globe face this increasingly complex range of challenges and require advisory services that reflect experience, foresight and wisdom. Black & Veatch’s asset management advisory service professionals draw from experience supporting leading utilities, commercial and industrial organizations, government agencies and other industries, by focusing on digital transformation of asset management practices We help clients assess a variety of options for optimizing operations to make informed business decisions. From the orthodox to the innovative - we help clients achieve their short- and long-term asset management goals.

Asset management programs succeed when strategy and vision align with an organizational goal to drive optimization across the asset lifecycle. We work with clients seeking Black & Veatch’s expertise when planning to launch strategic asset management programs or when changing market forces, environmental challenges and regulatory shifts require the enhancement of existing asset management programs.  

Black & Veatch’s asset management advisory services focus on holistically understanding what clients expect and need from their assets and the parameters and pressures to which assets are subjected to each day. We facilitate the development of organizational frameworks, structures and business models that optimize asset operation and performance to meet client needs.

Reliable & Proven

Our clients have trusted us for more than 50 years to deliver environmental and technological innovation.

Our Insights. Your Success.

Our team’s complementary experience working with and for utilities brings a hands-on perspective to help you focus on your business and make better technical, operational and financial decisions at every step of your journey.

Future Ready

Award winning, innovative solutions provider implementing state-of-the-art technologies and first-of-its-kind facilities.

Innovative Technology, Expert Insights

Advanced digital tools, data analytics expertise and more than a century of infrastructure development experience underpin Black & Veatch’s position as an asset management leader. We recognize that the most effective asset management programs require more than just digital tools and data, but expert analysis that can take those data insights and combine them with industry best practices and implementation experience to successfully develop a customized program.

We cover regulatory compliance, risk and resilience, carbon reduction, enhanced sustainability, more effective use of data and digital tools; and compliance with, and certification to, ISO 55000. Our strategic advisory services team partners with you to design, develop and implement the asset management program you need.  Whether you are facing declining reliability, or asset integrity issues, or aging infrastructure, we have the experience and resources to start you on the journey of successful asset management digital transformation. 

Black & Veatch Asset Management Advisory Services include:

  • Advisory Consulting
  • Asset Data and Information Management
  • Business Integration and Delivery Assurance
  • Carbon and Sustainability
  • Digital Frameworks and Transformation
  • Enterprise Asset Management Transformation
  • Enterprise Risk Portfolio Management
  • Integration of inventory management and network management
  • ISO 55001, International Infrastructure Management Manual
  • Regulatory Assurance
  • Risk and Resilience
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