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Monitoring & Maintenance

A leading-edge blend of established maintenance methodologies and advanced technologies.

Monitoring & Maintenance

By cost-efficiently reducing asset failure reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) yields significant customer service, environmental, financial and regulatory benefits. Black & Veatch helps clients adopt a lean RCM approach to monitoring and maintenance: focusing on what a process or asset is intended to do, identifying factors that stop the process or asset from delivering, then implementing steps to mitigate those factors; creating a condition-based regime for asset maintenance.

The initial phase of an RCM program for a water utility led to an average 31 percent reduction in reactive maintenance across participating sites. One site alone reported $634,000 savings through failure mitigation and energy optimization and another RCM program client reported a 58 percent reduction in reactive and corrective tasks for a single facility in the first ten months of adoption.

While a significant amount of our asset management support is delivered at the strategic level; our monitoring and maintenance support laser-focused on implementing those strategies on the ground. We have designed and constructed many of our client’s assets, and developed strategies to manage them, so we are uniquely positioned to help clients maintain them in the most efficient, effective manner.

Integrated Solutions

We collaborate with stakeholders to implement tailored, mutually beneficial outcomes.

One Partner

We guide you through every stage of grid modernization from master planning to operational analytics, integrating genuine expertise to solve both telecommunications and electrical grid challenges together.

Future Ready

Award winning, innovative solutions provider implementing state-of-the-art technologies and first-of-its-kind facilities.

Our monitoring and maintenance services combine established technology-driven maintenance methodologies and advanced instrumentation, control and automation technology. The support we provide is grounded in:

  • Diagnostic analytics – condition, performance and uptime monitoring of the health of assets.
  • Dynamic preventative maintenance - preventing failures before they occur by using intelligent predictions and dynamic maintenance planning.
  • Prognostic maintenance interventions - using machine learning, pattern recognition and advanced analytics to optimize, manage and deliver interventions.

In addition to carrying out onsite maintenance work, we help clients develop in-house capabilities through operations and maintenance training programs. These leverage Black & Veatch’s best practices and expertise in asset design, construction and operations to provide customized training services. As part of our authorized provider agreement with EMS Cognitio, a team of Black & Veatch asset management professionals has been trained to deliver the IMPACT MasterclassTM Lean RCM Program.

We offer clients monitoring and maintenance expertise in multiple areas including:

  • Asset Management Program Development
  • Dynamic Maintenance Planning
  • Infrastructure Asset Management Plans
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Smart Maintenance Delivery
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