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Remaining Life Assessments

Improving Long-Term Performance

As assets that generate and distribute power approach end of life, Black & Veatch offers services to assess and plan for a future of clean, profitable energy production.

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Guidance for Prudent Decisions Towards Long-Term Reliability

Remaining Life Assessments are available for generation, transmission and distribution assets including gas turbines, combined heat and power, reciprocating engines, solar and wind assets, substations and transmission lines. The scale of our assessments is flexible and customizable to fit your needs. Analyses are performed using a systematic process that starts with understanding both the historic and current operation of an asset and compiling data. Findings and observations are used to determine the anticipated remaining life of all systems, risk mitigations and appropriate life-extension options.

Our Approach to Assessments

With comprehensive expertise and extensive knowledge of power plants, our remaining life assessments provide innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. We offer three distinct assessments tailored to your needs.

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  • A high-level assessment that uses on-site inter-views and observations to determine equipment condition and forecast future requirements.
  • Identification of major issues that affect long-term profitability.
  • Summary of the asset.
  • Conditional evaluation.
  • Forecast of maintenance and capital projects considering the future operation of the asset.
  • Review of the remaining life in major components based on technical analysis of the condition and likely failure modes, including risks when facing extreme weather conditions.
  • A strategic plan summarizing results for each asset, prioritized based on condition and site-specific economics.
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Improving Long-Term Wind Fleet Performance

Recently a panel of our wind experts got together for a LinkedIn Live Q&A session where they reviewed considerations and benefits for recommendations that might come out of a remaining life assessment on aging wind fleets including full and partial repower, life extension and performance optimization projects.

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