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Enable strategy, growth and the utility of the future through a full range and scale of organizational, commercial and technical consulting solutions specific to your industry. 

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We are living through unprecedented change. Pressures to act decisively, adapt and embrace new strategy and technologies and overcome new levels of regulatory or stakeholder expectations have never been more business critical. You are being challenged to create a more sustainable future, embrace the digitalization of infrastructure and of your workforce, while navigating risk and delivering commercial success and growth.

Realizing new possibilities is within reach and Black & Veatch’s diverse consulting solutions will improve your speed to market, business impact and solution delivery. Wherever you are on your transformational journey or project roadmap, you can engage the right consulting experience in a variety of ways at Black & Veatch. From management consulting services to engineering consulting project teams and by-the-hour specialized industry advisors, we understand the many pathways that unlock success.


Choose your consulting pathway:

Management Consulting

Integrated strategy, transaction advisory, business operations, regulatory and technology solutions for the power, water, oil & gas industries.

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Engineering Consulting

Achieve better performance, value, reliability, resilience, constructability and sustainability from the design and delivery of infrastructure projects.

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When setting out to do something for the first time, and when commercial success is at stake, it is vital that you access the best advice, experience and guidance to help you achieve your goals. Black & Veatch brings more than a century of hands-on experience as a builder and an engineer while always serving as a trusted advisor at every stage of the infrastructure lifecycle. Black & Veatch's consulting services grew and evolved in tune with the ever-changing needs of our clients.  Today, our combination of relevant engineering and construction experience alongside multi-disciplinary specialists and consultants within our global ranks – experienced industry executives, senior analysts, technology experts, environmental and climate scientists, software engineers, policy advisors and much more – makes us uniquely qualified to assist with your most complex challenges and realize your greatest opportunities.

You can choose your consulting pathway from holistic management consulting to short bursts of targeted insights from by-the-hour micro-consultants across our global network. You can also access trusted advice and guidance you need through more traditional engineering  project engagements (often referred to as engineering consulting in many global markets), where our senior professional engineers lead and pull together multidisciplinary teams that optimize the commercial and technical success of your projects.

Better Decisions

Confidently address complex issues that are transforming your industry by partnering with experienced consulting teams that bring breadth and quality to the table. 


Reduce risk and maximize return through real, hands-on experience specific to your sector or challenge, drawn from thousands of projects in motion throughout the world across all stages of the infrastructure lifecycle.

Full Picture

Avoid costly downstream issues or missing commercial opportunities by accessing a holistic and strategic view of the lifecycle and interconnectivity of infrastructure. 

Holistic management consulting

With a focus on utility industries such as Power, Oil & Gas and Water as well as other resource-intensive sectors, our highly experienced team of professional management consultants provide a range of holistic process, financial and technology solutions. Black & Veatch brings together combined expertise in advanced analytics and practical business sense with extensive technology and engineering capabilities. Throughout the world, we deliver solutions that work best for the program needs, organization, assets and customers.

Our consultants improve organizational effectiveness, and reduce risks and costs by enabling our clients to adopt and operationalize new technologies and approaches. We help justify and fund major improvements to your utility network and assets. We help you achieve a clear, systematic approach to managing risks. And worldwide, we work with executive leadership teams to identify and design business-case solutions to some of our world’s most transformational initiatives solving energy, water and other finite resource challenges. 

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